Happy New Year 2024!

Lisa K
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Both 2022 and 2023 have been very tough years, most of 2022 my dad had health issues and then in 2023 I lost my dad in January, my Aunt in August (she was the last of that generation) and in December a very sweet friend.

Having been through the last two tough years, I am looking forward to 2024, discovering a new purpose, finding new possibilities and having new adventures.

I want to wish everyone a very healthy and Happy New Year!



  • judsoncarroll4
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    Happy New Year!

  • Jens the Beekeeper
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    Happy New Year

  • kbmbillups1
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    Happy New Year!!

  • Michelle D
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    Happy new year!

    @Lisa K it is inspiring to see your positive outlook in spite of all the hard times recently.

  • VermontCathy
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    Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that 2024 will be a better year for all of us.

  • Lisa K
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    @Michelle D thanks, things can only get better!

    @VermontCathy I agree and hope the same thing!

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    A Happy New Year to you all as well!

    I am starting off with a tidier house (and a few fun changes otherwise), which is immediately less stressful. I am not a resolution maker, but I hope to keep it by keeping up better with everything and after the kids to do better as well. Hopefully keeping more order will contribute to a happier, more contented atmosphere.

    After our snacks, we put up a real cuckoo clock, that was made in Germany. It already came with a history from in our area. We were able to watch & listen to it strike 12 midnight to "ring in" 2024. It sounds lovely and the tick-tockreminds me of staying over at my grandparents' house, but especially at Christmas.

    We watched a bunch of old Christmas cartoons and such until it announced the new year. It was different from past years and made it a bit more fun.

  • vickeym
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    Happy New Year to all!

    @Lisa K I agree with looking forward to 2024. There has been a lot of issues here as well. One being circumstances forcing me to leave my job for an "early retirement." I have done a lot of thinking about it, and found there are many things I am now looking forward to now.

    @LaurieLovesLearning That is an impressive array of snacks there.

    New Years activity here included turning the music on loudly to drown out the sound of the guns and fireworks. Both of which scare her half to death. She pants super hard, shakes terribly, and tries to hide under our feet, the tables, behind the toilet. And so on.

    Finally things calmed down and we were able to go to bed around 3:00 am.

  • Lisa K
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    @LaurieLovesLearning wow what a tasty looking spread!

    @vickeym we had two dogs that we had to lightly sedate for the fireworks at New Year and 4th of July.

    Now in Calif all fireworks are illegal due to fire hazards.

    This year we apparently have new people living in the area because from 10 pm to midnight there were a lot of illegal fireworks and it is not just the fireworks, it is the M80s which are very loud and can shake windows, this year one of them triggered a car alarm.

  • vickeym
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    @Lisa K what type of sedative did you use? Something from the vets office or something herbal?

    I have tried Bach Rescue Remedy and one from NaturVet called Hemp Quiet Moments. The Hemp doesn't do much of anything and the Rescue Remedy actually seems to make Kiska more anxious.

    Being in Alaska, Almost everyone has guns, and we live out in a small very rural village. Not entirely remote but the nearest department store is about 75 miles away.

    On most days it's pretty quiet. Some days a gun shot or two, either someone shooting at predators, practicing, or whatever. Some days several shots. But usually only on the rare occasion. New Years is an entirely different story. It starts early in the day and practically goes all night and starts again for the next day, like they have to make sure they use up anything they didn't use the first night.

    Kiska is more high strung that way than any dog I have ever had. She literally sits there shaking in fear, and wants to hide under my legs and wants me petting her the whole time. If I sit on the floor or bed with her she is in my lap and climbing on me to get closer. Panting so hard you get soaked in just a couple minutes.

  • Lisa K
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    @vickeym not sure, it was what the Vet prescribed and was many years ago.

    There used to be a product, a vest that is supposed to calm down dogs and cats - Amazon has a lot of Dog Anxiety Vests.

    Also, you might see if there are some EOs that can help, you might check TGN Blogs and also here is a link to Dr. Janet Roark who teaches about Aroma Therapy for animals. www.essentialoilvet.com

  • vickeym
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    @Lisa K Thank you for sharing. I will look into it. Have looked at many of the "thunder shirt" Vest style items. Have not found one that will fit her yet. Still looking for one.

  • SuperC
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    @Lisa K Looking forward to the new year. Last year was crazy with family matters. I’ll be joining a few new clubs, and learning new skills. I’m a chef currently and I love it!

    Happy New Year 2924!

    @LaurieLovesLearning Holy Charcuterie!

  • Lisa K
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    @vickeym I wonder if one can be custom made, I would think all you need is like wet-suit material?

  • nicksamanda11
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    Happy new year