Immune system and parasites

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We need parasites to retain a healthy, functioning immune system. Sounds unbelievable! But, most probably, is true!

I have read an article in the National Geographic 07.2022 about parasites and us - humans. We all know that our bodies are full of bacteria, viruses, cancer cells…and parasites and that an effective immune system manages to keep us healthy and strong despite of all these inhabitants.

and, when we manage to kill a lot of bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc with all the wonders of modern medicine, the immune system has no enemies and starts attacking its own body. This leads to people suffering from autoimmune disorders.

it is mentioned that people having parasites do not suffer from autoimmune disorders, thus, some look for the ways of strengthening themselves by introducing some parasites. The given example was that people “with Crohn’s disease infected themselves with intestinal worms to try to restore their guts’ ecological balance…

Well… I would not look for parasites on purpose, but it has alway been my strategy to allow the body to sort out whatever happens to myself. I can help with some herbs, but mainly healthy food, but not try to use medicaments to kill some of inhabitants of my body.

what are your feelings about it? It is controversial, isn’t it?


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    That is an interesting idea. I wouldn't doubt some parasites are helpful. Some bacteria is certainly helpful. Just the same, some parasites are harmful and I think should be targeted with specific herbs. As far as viruses, herbs are a good choice for those. I think assisting the body is better than treating it.

    I think where the issues come in is when we eat "foods" that aren't truly foods. These will weaken the body both health wise & immune-wise by not giving it the best support. It's also harmful to all to "treat" the body with an indiscriminate catch-all that causes a complete die off of everything we are hosting.

    Just my thoughts.

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    I've never heard of parasites being beneficial before but it is an interesting concept. I also believe in starting with real whole food and nourishing the body. If something does come up I try to assist the body and look at it as my body is showing me where there is a weakness or something is out of balance that needs to be corrected rather than a symptom that needs to be treated.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning I also believe in assisting rather than treating. Strengthening the body!

    I was also thinking of the herbs. Those, in nature contain many more substances that help us in comparison to those, grown as a monoculture and protected against bugs and weeds. Such protected herbs loose the capacity to protect themselves and are useless for us. They just do not develop the necessary elements. I have read an article on that as well, but I would have to look for the source. Even the percentage was indicated.

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    @jowitt.europe That is something I'd like to read. If you find that article, please post it in its own thread.

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