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I love popcorn but sadly am sensitive to corn so have to avoid it. I read that sorghum is a good alternative and in online reviews people raved about how they couldn't eat regular popcorn and tried sorghum and are really happy with it. I was hopeful and tried but it pops so tiny and only about 50% of the grains pop. It just wasn't even close to the same experience for me.

I can't do gluten but on a trip to Egypt was able to eat the (delicious home made) bread because they use a different wheat. So last night after a very unfulfilling popped sorghum experience I wondered if there's an heirloom variety that would work for me. I did a little research online but there are several types of heirloom popcorn out there.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a variety that is easier to digest and/or doesn't cause issues for people who can't eat regular corn.



  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    I'm definitely interested too.

    Ann, loved your story about being able to eat bread in Egypt.

  • Torey
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    While you might be able to eat heirloom corn that isn't GMO, I doubt you would be able to find seeds for heirloom corn that weren't contaminated by pollen from other GMO corn. Corn pollen will travel long distances in the air so it is very difficult to isolate corn. Many sites on the net say that it will travel 1/2 a mile in 2 minutes in a 15 mph wind. Other sites suggested that it can travel up to 4 km from the source. I suspect under right conditions it could go even further.

    Baker Creek is advertising that they have seeds that have been tested and are GMO free but I wonder how they were able to keep them from outside pollination. Even if you purchased and planted these seeds, would you be able to keep them from being affected by neighbouring plantations of GMO corn?

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    @Torey wow I had no idea. Just reading that makes me so angry.

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    I know, its just awful what factory farming is doing to the world and the plants we have come to rely on over the millennia.

    I read an article that says even though Mexico has banned GM corn since 1998, there may be contamination of the genetic diversity of original maize/corn species. That could easily spell catastrophe for world food supply.

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    @annbeck62 Amaranth & quinoa pop, but if course, those would be tiny. Maybe you'd like to check those out? Here are some ideas:

    Its claimed that commercial popcorn is not GMO. I also know that crossing sweet corn with popcorn reduces either the sweetness or the pop, respectively.

    I know that the animal feed corn is GMO'd to make holes in corn borer stomachs (and can do so in animals that eat it). Corn sold to home gardeners, at least in Canada, is not GMO.

    (Picture above from William Dam Seeds, damseeds.ca)

    If GMO is grown, it has to be sold back to a company & not replanted. There are signed contracts for that to control use. I am not aware of any home garden seed catalogue here that does sell GMO.

    But... cross-contamination is not out of the question. Unless they have carefully isolated their growing fields.

    I know one of our neighbors, 1 mile east, has recently often grown feed corn for his cows, but winds rarely go from east to west. I haven't saved corn seed for many years, and that's before they grew feed corn. I'll have to pay attention this year to what goes in and the wind direction around the time the tassels are out.

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    @annbeck62 and @LaurieLovesLearning thanks for this great information. I bought some Amaranth and didn't know how to use it. Sounds silly I know but I found it and I read it was good protein.

  • Michelle D
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    Azure Standard sells a variety of popcorn that is organic and the seeds are certified non-gmo. I have a friend that typically has a reaction to corn that can eat this popcorn at my house without problems. I don't know how it would affect you @annbeck62 but it was the first thing that came to mind when I read your question. It might be worth looking into.

  • Lisa K
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    @annbeck62 I am in the same boat, I even bought some popping sorghum to try to grow (at the time I was not able to find it in the stores). I have not had a chance to try it but I am hoping it is bigger than store bought sorghum.

    Trader Joe's has certified organic popcorn which I do not have quiet the reaction as regular popcorn.

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    @Michelle D do you know which one? I was just on their website and they have several varieties of organic, white, yellow, multi-colored and mushroom.

    @Lisa K I hope it works for you :) I had to order it online. I couldn't find it anywhere locally. It does pop really small, that part I can get over. What made it so disappointing was the low percentage of kernels that actually popped even though I prepared stove top with oil which is supposedly gives you the best results. I don't have a Trader Joe's close but if I'm near one I may pick up a bag to try.

  • Michelle D
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    @annbeck62 this is the one I use. I hope the link works.


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    @Michelle D thank you for the link :) I'm going to order some 🤞

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    @annbeck62 you're welcome! I hope it's all good. Please let us know.

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    @annbeck62 I too have a sensitivity to corn, as well as popcorn. I gave up the popcorn altogether.

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    here is place to check out. I have not used popcorn for 20 yrs. because of a colon disease. A friend uses it and loves it.

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