Tiny nuclear battery: never charge your phone for 50 years?

Marjory Wildcraft
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Our world is changing so rapidly... here is one attempt to keep up. LOL

The Chinese have created a tiny 3V battery that lasts for 50 years. So you'll never have to charge your phone, small drones could fly for almost forever, and those tiny robots that are coming will just keep doing whatever they designed to do.

The Chinese company in focus is "Betavolt," It recently announced it had created an "atomic energy battery that mainly uses nickel-63 as the energy source and diamond semiconductor as the energy converter." 

The battery will not catch fire or explode in response to punctures or even gunshots, unlike some current batteries that can be unsafe if damaged or exposed to high temperatures, says Chinese startup Betavolt

There is a lot of controversy around this because apparently, the tech was GIVEN to the Chinese by the US Gov't. Dallas-based hedge fund manager Kyle Bass blasted the US Department of Energy in a post on social media X for transferring nuclear battery technology to China.  Bass pointed out, "The Chinese company didn't steal this technology. It was given to them — by the US Department of Energy. First in 2017, as part of a sublicense." 

Regardless of who developed it, that cat is out of the bag and battery tech has just done a quantum leap.



  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Well, that's interesting. My first question was safety.

    There is sure a lot of odd things that would not normally happen going on nowadays.

  • SuperC
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    It sounds like an old military grade like battery. They simply last for so long and never corrode.

  • annbeck62
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    That is interesting. My first question is also safety but my second question is what happens to them when they end up in a landfill. People don't keep their phones for 50 years. Many people out there "need" to replace their phone every time a new version comes out.

  • water2world
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    @ Marjory Wildcraft That is quite interesting! Not only do I keep my phone as long as it works, I would be interested in seeing other uses for a battery with such a long life! How about those tiny hearing aid batteries that you need a microscope to see when changing, car batteries, and I could go on and on! lol