A story challenge

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I would like our community members to write a creative story.

The boundaries of this story will be:

1. This story is an imaginary one, with whatever imaginary characters you wish to have (please no aliens, spiritual beings and such... keep them to people & or animals, toys or something of that nature).

I recently read a story where the main character was "Truth", but there were 5 people as characters as well who were essential to the story. The setting was during WW2. It was a fascinating perspective, and a very well written book (The Little Liar, by Mitch Albom).

2. The setting of our story is surface earth-bound. We don't want it getting too strange.

3. The guidelines of how we post on the forum still apply.Nothing inappropriate, please. This is a family-friendly forum. Use respectful language. Respect others. You know the rules. If not, a review never hurts.

4. You write a paragraph or two (no more, keep it short) and the next poster can add their paragraph or two. You can post as often as you wish.

5. Be creative.

6. The first post should determine the setting (I suggest a garden in the country), then I imagine characters will follow from there.

I'm looking forward to what we will create together. Have fun writing!

(If this idea is popular, we can plan to do this again at a later date)


  • Monek Marie
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    Tucked away between two foothills of a mountain range was a small town. Being in a remote area and off the beaten path it had an air of mystery and possibility.

    I first discovered this town when I made a wrong turn on a trip and was so lost. I was a bit perplexed to be lost but when I round the last curve around the mountain and such a beautiful town my heart stopped. This was a true treasure.

  • kbmbillups1
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    As I drove into the one stop light town, I was in awe of all the beautiful flowers growing in baskets, containers, and yards. I had to stop and take pictures to prove to my family I wasn't dreaming.

    I felt someone looking at me and noticed someone in the bakery shop was peeking out the window at me. I decided to go inside the shop to get a snack before looking around the town a little more. What delicious apple fritters I found!

  • vickeym
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    As I strolled along the street someone approached me with samples of what they called birch caramels. I shouldn't but they looked wonderful. They tasted divine. I ended up in her little shop and bought several little boxes for gifts.

    Then I noticed there were several wooden moose scattered in front of all the little shops. All different artistic designs, even some that had little families with them.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
    LaurieLovesLearning Posts: 7,519 admin

    Tasty treats & unique art! It seemed that each moose told a story. This town was certainly worth exploring further. I was positive that if I chose to do so, that I'd uncover other gems. I decided that I wanted to meet some of the town's residents to see where else their talents lay.

    With that in mind, I asked a couple that were strolling by where I might be able to meet up with some of them. Replying with a warm smile, they shared that they were actually on their way to the local craft & farmers market, by the historic creek a few blocks down, and invited me to join them. 😀

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Oh my! I do love me a good farmers market so I gladly joined my new friends. I especially love to see if there is some unusual fruit or vegetable I've never seen before.

    (Note: I think we really need an antagonist to enter here soon - I mean, what's a story without a good villan?)

    Imagine my shock as we rounded that last corner opening to the bustling market and when I saw....

  • water2world
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    ...an elderly gentleman causing quite a scene, as he vehemently knocked over the tables in a young girl's booth. The expression on her face showed that she was terrified! My first thought, was "What is she selling" but a quick look at the scattered merchandise revealed that it was only candles! Everyone in the vicinity seemed in shock.