*NEW* Community Project Ideas Action Group

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Ideas welcomed! Let's brainstorm.

I wondered if any members might be interested in working together in some way to do a volunteer grassroots community project? I would like a gathering for this purpose to be a place where talents can be used and exciting goals realized.

At this point, gathering ideas are where I want to start.

Would you like to be involved? Do you have any ideas? Do you have anything you might be able to contribute to a special project? Where do your talents & skills lie?

This is a total experiment on my part. I know we have talented members here that would love to use those talents for a larger purpose. Lots of you have had great ideas! I've always believed that together, we have the potential to bring those talents & ideas together to make a big difference in some way to the community or elsewhere, but then I get stuck. Maybe trying this is the key. I'd like to see all of you shine!

I would open up a private space in "Groups" for this purpose if there was enough interest. This is not to take away from general comments on the main forum. I hope that it would instead help enhance or reinvigorate discussion here in some way.

This group would be password entry only and so not be open to the general public for a more comfortable & open exchange of ideas. It would be for one project only. If it was a project that was successful, we could then decide if we wanted to move on to another.

I have closed my post to comments. Please let me know by private message if you want to take part. I'm doing things this way because I want us to feel free to be fairly open if we are collaborating & also want to protect the information you might have to share with me.

I can't guarantee anything, but I hope we can have fun seeing what we can do to make a difference and leave a great legacy.

Thanks for reading & considering!

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