Bayer’s Modified Soil Microbes Could Trigger a Genetically Engineered Doomsday

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From the full article also has Dr. Ealine Inghams backstory on how she got fired from Oregon State Univ. There were developments of another bacteria like this that was super deadly and she stopped it. But lost her job in the process.


Bayer’s modified soil microbes could trigger a genetically engineered doomsday for agriculture

If you don’t like the toxic pollution from industrial agriculture’s synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides, Bayer and its partner Ginkgo Bioworks have a solution

They say they’re going to swap out some of the old fossil-fuel-based agrochemicals for genetically engineered microbes

The uncontrolled spread of genetically engineered microbes could contaminate soil on such a vast scale that it could be the end of farming.

In thier subsmission to the SEC, my goodness, they openly discuss the vast potential for catastrophy and how little control they have over it.

This is insane, what possibly could go wrong?



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    My first thought is how can this keep happening but then I thought that there are people, companies, states and even countries that only care about profits and the mentality of the ones with the most toys or in this case money wins.

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    @Lisa K I agree money wins...greed is more like it. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.