Medicinal Herbs Chart/List for Planting and Harvesting

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I'm looking for a simple list/chart of medicinal herbs with heights, blooming season, growth type, etc.

These links have an example of what I'm looking for except listing MEDICINAL HERBS. Example:

Does anyone know where I can get something like that? Even if it's in a book, but I prefer just the chart that's simple to use as a reference.

Thanks! 😊


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    @SSLM thanks for posting---following!

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    @SSLM Welcome to the forum.

    These herbs listed are culinary as well as medicinal, but I understand that you want a more exhaustive list. I have suggested that TGN create charts of this nature, but so far, that hasn't come to fruition. I've made a note of what you are asking for.

    If you don't mind, I would be interested in exactly the information you are looking for, and which herbs (there are SO many). Please PM me with that information.

    I have been making various charts for my own use. I haven't done one quite like this, though. I've done similar charts. My experience is that charts, even simple ones, take a lot of time to research & put together. Then your computer crashes or something and it needs to be recreated (unless you printed it, but cleanly revising paper charts is difficult.)

    @Torey might be the best one to answer your question.

    In the meantime, I'd also like to invite you to leave a short introduction in the Introductions section so that we can get to know you better!

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    @SSLM Sorry it took me so long to reply.

    Fedco Seeds has this free chart that you can download as a PDF.

    This site has a variety of gardening charts available as free downloads including one for planting herbs by zone.

    This one isn't free.

    This one is for Australia and New Zealand but it may be useful for other parts of the world, too. Also, not free.

    I haven't personally seen any of them except the one from Fedco Seeds. Just had a quick glance at it and it seems fairly comprehensive. I hope one of these might be what you are looking for.

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    Thanks for sharing @Torey

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    Thank you so much!

    I was able to copy out the Fedco one into an Excel sheet and it worked well. (Their download was pretty condensed so the excel sheet way was easier to read.)

    I tried to download the Kellogg one but it didn't let me for some reason. I'll probably go back and try again later.