Medicinal Shrubs and Woody Vines: Quercus, Oak


  • Torey
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    We only have one species of oak native to BC but English oak has been widely planted and has naturalized in places. Garry oak (or Oregon white oak as you call it) used to have a much wider range than it does now. About 5000 years ago it was a larger part of the forest makeup. Now it is confined to southeastern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands and a couple of other isolated stands, at least on this side of the border. I know it is much more common along the Washington and Oregon coastlines. It sure is a pretty tree. The meadows that are part of Garry oak habitat are well known for the beauty of the wild flowers that occur there.

    I wasn't aware that there were shrub forms of oak.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    The sandhills of NC are full of shrubby oaks - one of the few trees besides pines that will grow there naturally.