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Have been reading about hops which would have to be grown in a greenhouse here. It got me wondering, does anyone know if the hops you can buy for brewing beer could be used to make tinctures or it it likely been heated or otherwise not suitable?

Otherwise I have to find a source for medicinal quality that won't charge a fortune to ship to Alaska.


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    You should be able to grow hops outside. The second pic on this page is a beautiful hop plant in a garden in Whitehorse, Yukon.

    You could ask at a local U-brew about their hops. They should be able to tell you if they were freshly dried or otherwise processed. I bought some from a local U-brew and they were fine.

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    @vickeym I planted some hops last fall to use in dream pillows. I hope I did everything correctly so that it will not winter kill, & I hope I gave it enough winter before winter even hit!

    Not like this winter has been typical so far (even with a small stretch of deep cold), but we could still very easily get a stretch of much colder temperatures.

    I planted Sterling which may be touch & go. I chose it because of the description Richters gave.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning unfortunately this year we are having an extended deep cold spell. Have been in the -23 or worse for over 2 weeks and woke to -36 this morning. It is currently -31 so most likely colder tonight than last night.

    Have been thinking of trying to grow some even if I start it indoors and move out once it is warm enough and hope it will give it enough time to mature and ripen.

    @Torey Worth looking into. See if there are varieties I can grow get to grow here. Also, will be checking with local U-brew shops. There are many home brewers in Alaska as well as many micro breweries. Someone should know how they are dried.

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    I love the idea of using Hops in dream pillows! I may soon be borrowing that idea! Thanks!

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    @Torey Thanks for posting the link! I enjoyed reading and I could just see him stuffing his mouth with raspberries!! What an inspirational article!