Short Wave Radio Inspiration

Ah! the humble short wave radio. Almost forgotten...

I read this very inspsirng story of how shortwave radio is being used by Chinese dissenters, hmmm, I guess that is what they are called. These Chinese have some issues with thier Gov't. You know the surveillence, the control, etc.

They use a shortwave radio network to get information out.

I'm looking with renewed respect at my little $15 battery operated radio with AM, FM, and shortwave.


  • vickeym
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    One of my friends, a fella in his 80's, is mostly blind. He uses both shortwave and ham radio for his entertainment. Watching TV without seeing it is pretty useless, and reading is almost impossible. The radios are his lifeline in many ways.

  • VermontCathy
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    If you ever need antenna that can fit in your home, receive shortwave radio transmissions, minimize interference (which may be deliberate on the part of authorities), and is easily hidden when not in use...

    Then you should check out the "Anti-Jamming antenna" from Mike Toia. Directions on how to build and use it are given below.

    I haven't tested it, but I think it would be well worth knowing how to make and use one of these.

    This is what it looks like (excepted from the article linked above):