Show 171: Big Leaf Aster, Basswood/Linden and Dog Fennel


  • Torey
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    I got lost down the Eupatorium rabbit hole. I've only studied the two main ones used in herbal medicine and completely ignored all the others. Although, I see one of those is no longer a Eupatorium but is now Eutrochium purpureum. In homeopathy for the most part, we continue to use older names, so this gets confusing keeping up.

    Dog fennel is certainly a pretty looking plant with its ferny leaves. Very attractive sprays of flowers, too. I've looked online but there are very different growing zones listed; some say it will survive in zone 3b but others suggest higher zones. If I can find some seeds, I might try it.

    I've been considering a linden tree, too.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    Dog Fennel seems to prefer an acidic, sandy soil so that may be an issue for you. You don't use it for mind control!