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I have been following Future Feed for over a year.. They’ve released their FutureFeed Report to Industry 2023 (https://www.future-feed.com/futurefeed-blog/new-report-tracks-asparagopsis-industrys-rise) and there is some interesting data that you might find interesting. There is also a link in that website for the download. 

They also have a Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/FutureFeedGlobal, which contains a lot of information.

The estimate by Australia’s CSIRO, that if just 10% of global ruminant producers adopted Asparagopsis, it would reduce emissions by the equivalent of taking 100 million cars off the world’s roads and result in productivity increases that could produce enough food for an additional 23 million people, is astounding to me!

 My husband told me about a time that the cows got into a big clover patch and the vet had to be called because there was swelling of the stomach area due to the gas from the clover not being able to escape. He said the vet and his grandfather worked hard getting the gas expelled.  They explained it to him (young boy) that the cows needed to burp up the gas.

 I know that seaweed is good, so it should be good for cows and if it any way helps with climate control, that is another plus.

When available here, we are planning on adding it to our cow’s diet, which currently and has always been 100% grass fed. The family farm will soon be 100 years old—and has never used pesticides etc!  Seaweed should be a healthy addition.


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    @water2world I believe a certain percentage of seaweed is excellent for many reasons, if only it was more accessible and not so expensive! We'd love to incorporate it. I think I must have read a similar article quite a few years ago. It sounds familiar in delivery.

    I love that you still hold claim to your family farm! Awesome.

    As you probably already know, the "gassy cattle" topic is a sore spot for me and I believe, holds no water, so to speak.

    Horses, dogs & people fart a lot!

    For those who don't know, cows can't naturally expell gases (and so don't normally fart nor burp)... thus why they bloat when they eat something that they can't digest (whole barley or clover are two well known culprits). When this happens, they have to be run pretty hard for hours to force the gases through, have a hose or like instrument put down their thoat (to fascilitate baking soda water getting put into one stomach... causing the release of abnormal gasses) or stuck with a knife (hopefully missing anything ultra important) to release that gas through the cut. The sticking is usually a last resort thing if your animal is down. If chasing, you don't care which end the gas comes out. The life of your cow is on the line.

    We've had to employ all three at one time or another because of bloat. It is truly an emergency and not one any cattle owner ever wants to experience.

    I think why some claim cows burp is simply because of the "burping" noise that happens when they bring up their cud (and its a convenient story to peddle toward those who don't know). It's similar to a person making noise when they vomit. It just sounds different because it is a different animal and a different reason for regurgitation.

    I've never really heard a cow fart, except in those emergency situations when they ate something that their body can't process that results in gas build-up (bloat). Each of those farts is like music.

    One way or another, incorporating beneficial, non-GMO and healthy, naturally grown food that cattle have historically eaten (in the case of this seaweed) is a great move.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning I'm glad that you think the seaweed would be a great move!

    I think my computer didn't care for the "burping cows" --- it quit working and I'm just now getting it back! lol

    We are looking at legal ways that will assure the farm stays agriculture and cant be sold for real estate development etc after we are long gone!! lol My son is in total agreement, my daughter, not so much, and then there are grandkids and who knows what they will want to do lol. The land has soooo much history!

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    @water2world Protect it. That's a treasure in today's world.