Show 172: Black Locust and Spurge


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    Gotta say, I agree with your assessment of having cash on hand. It might not be worth much after a total economic crash but it sure is nice to have cash when the power is out and debit machines don't work. We had a situation here in Canada just before Christmas when all the Moneris debit and credit machines were down. Really threw a wrench into Christmas shopping for a lot of people. But worse than that, what if you can't get food or fuel? Really don't know what good crypto is going to be if there is no computer access. I know at least one business in my area that still has a gold scale behind the counter and will weigh your gold for a purchase and give you change.

    I had a look at Euphorbias in BC and to my surprise I found one that is native. The others are all non-native and some are considered invasive. I have one species that my daughter planted years ago. It escaped the garden bed and has spread all underneath the forest canopy adjacent to the bed.

    No native black locust here in BC but they are pretty widely planted as landscape plants.

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    The thing to remember is that all currency is just a store of value. Gold is no more valuable than crypto or paper currency, because all are based upon what they can buy and how much a person will work for that item that is actually the end goal. Food, land and such are more valuable than any currency. That said, cash is what you need in an emergency because all other forms of currency have to be turned into cash before you can spend them.... and then watch food, fuel, water, etc. become much more expensive in an emergency... All the precious metals, crypto, etc. stuff is really marketed in a very dishonest way. I have seen a guy in a bad situation trade cigarettes for what he needed to get home. I have not seen anyone be able to cash in on all the prepper currency hedges at real value in a situation where water to drink was more valuable than gold.

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    I didn't mean to suggest that I was supporting the stockpiling of gold or any other precious metal with my comment on the business that has a gold scale. They are in the middle of a very rural placer mining community where it may be more common to be carrying a vial of gold dust than any cash.

    Precious metals are only worth the market rate at any given time. So the value will not remain stable if the dollar should fail.

    The knowledge and tools to be able to survive will become much more valuable as barter items than anything.