So Chat GPT has experienced a "mental breakdown"


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    Are you sure it's not sending coded messages? ;) Yes, we need to monitor this response communication. May have to abort if does not perform. Well it's going to take some work editing and correcting if kept.

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    I am only vaguely aware of what ChatGPT is and how it works but there was a recent legal case in BC that brought up issues. A lawyer was found guilty of using info (cases) found on ChatGPT for a legal brief, that later turned out to be fictional. The lawyers for the other side are now suing.

    We should all be on top of where our information comes from. We should have more than one source for checking out facts so things can be corroborated. Just having one source of info is how conspiracy theories start.

    There seems to be a huge issue with AI generated info. There is another discussion here on TGN about herbal/foraging books being written via AI with many mistakes; recommending plants that shouldn't be used for the purposes stated. For herbal info, I usually stick to my older books and those by well-known, respected authors along with comparative studies that are published by recognized institutions on Google Scholar.

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    Back to good old books. I use internet a lot, but I always prefer a book or my notes, what concerns herbs. Unless information comes from TGN 😊. My husband is fascinated by ChatGPT, but only for fun. Nothing important or professional. I guess that teachers at schools and professors at universities have a difficult time. They are discussing on changing the exam system in Austria abolishing written papers. Well… The teachers are not able to identify whether a paper was written by a student. Unless it is a bad student producing an excellent paper 😉

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    Paper, the way to go for sure! Internet is fast with answers but it makes it easier to forget as well.😢

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    People seem to have lost sight of the fact that Chat GPT is an experimental system. It's there for people to experiment with it, help the researchers learn how to improve it, and develop better tech in the future.

    Using it for anything real without vetting the output thoroughly is crazy.

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    I have not played with Chat GPT, but I have played with

    On this web page you can copy and paste text you want to hear spoken... I am blown away with the sound quality of the voices. We have come very far away from the times of robotic voices...