Show 174: Brambles and Geranium


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    We have 12 native species of Rubus here in BC plus 4 species of non natives that have established themselves. One of those is the Himalayan blackberry which has become highly invasive in the south coastal region making for excellent picking. Really vicious thorns on that species, though. Wild blackberry wine and a port-like dessert wine are features at several wineries. I’m right there with you on blackberries being a favourite. Love blackberry pie and blackberry jelly.

    In my immediate area, red raspberries are very common along with thimbleberry (R. parviflorus) but we have some of the dwarf species here, too. No black-fruited varieties here, though. Blackberries and black raspberries are found in coastal regions and further south than I am.

    I’ve had thimbleberry shoots raw and thought they tasted like fresh green peas.

    Crane’s bill (G. viscosissimum) is very common here. Not something that I use much but as my source of bulk dry herbs is discontinuing that part of its business, I will be harvesting a lot more local plants. There are 4 other species of Geranium (including your G. carolinianum) that are native in BC but several other species have established themselves.

    The expansiveness of the trade routes that First Nations peoples had really are amazing considering they were on foot. We have several sites here in BC that have obsidian deposits that was mined and used locally as well as trade items. Arrowheads, spear points and other bladed items that can be geologically traced have been found as far south as California and well east of the Rockies.

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    It has been my plan for years to have a huge blackberry farm when I get settled! That really is my favorite. I love apples, peaches and especially cherries, but blackberries really are the best.

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    @judsoncarroll4 I agree, blackberries are the best! You and Torey have my mouth watering!!

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    I have a bunch of brambles in deep shade so they are not producing any fruit- only scrapes and blood as i hunt for mayapple fruit🤣