Botanical Ice Lanterns

I have no idea if this link will work. It is off Instagram. It was posted by ueno_farm

Essentially, you put some water in round balloons, swirl the water around so it covers all parts inside and hang it from something to freeze a bit.

The creators of the lantern then punched out a side, draining the unfrozen water out of the frozen shell. The balloon was removed.

After this (somehow they found green ferns & flowers in winter 🤷‍♀️), they pressed them onto the sides of each lantern.

They then placed a string of lights with a light in each lantern as it sat in the snow.

For those who are unable to see it, these are quite beautiful.


  • water2world
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    Those lanterns are beautiful! Thanks for posting the link, because my mind wasn't quiet seeing what they actually looked like. Not sure how they got the light in the lantern----I thing my mind is in overdrive from the week! I'll have to come back and check this out again!