Watch out for scammers

Here is a message from Juliet Blankespoor of

She says how herbalist (and wellness) impersonation as well as AI books claiming correct information possibly "written" by herbalists is on the rise. I would think "deepfakes" would also be as well.

She also mentioned that the book titles mimic reputable books written by human experts, and the reviews are AI-generated in fake review farms.


  • karenjanicki
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    Interesting, though unsurprising. I keep seeing ads on Facebook for herbal book collections but the "authors" look like AI characters. And doing some research I can't find any info on the websites themselves outside of Facebook. It's sad because there are many legit places to learn about herbalism, in fact, I took the foraging and wildcrafting courses with Juliet at her school, Chestnut Herbs. I think sadly people are looking for a quick fix and scary enough bad information in this department could get people killed. Some good foraging plants have deadly toxic look-alikes. People need to be leary about who they are getting their info from.