FREE: Herbs for the Musculoskeletal System April 2024

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Matthew Wood & Phyllis D. Light share 2 parts of a 3 part series on this subject. The full course is available to purchase.


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    @LaurieLovesLearning Can I sign up for the free class if I am not an herbalist?

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    @dipat2005 Of course!

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    Thanks so much for posting this, Laurie. It really is an excellent video. Or at least so far. I'm only half way through it cause I have to keep rewinding to get all the jewels of info as I type. :)

    I have never used mullein as they are describing. In one way I hope I never have to use it, but in another, I really want to see this "magic" of setting bones.

    I was a bit confused when they were talking about wild comfrey here in North America, but its not a Symphytum species. Instead its an Andersonglossum species. In my case A. boreale or by its previous name Cynoglossum boreale. The southern species (central and southeastern US) is Andersonglossum virginianum or Cynoglossum virginianum. There is also a C. officinale.

    I have found northern wild comfrey before, not in my immediate area, but in other parts of BC and the Yukon. However, when I was identifying it, the book I was using called it northern hound's tongue, so that is how I have always referred to it. So cool to learn its other name is wild comfrey and that it can be used similarly to comfrey.

    Everyone who is at all interested in herbal medicine should watch this! Highly recommended. I am considering splurging on the purchase.

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    Really great Q&A session with these two amazing herbalists tonight. I'll be watching the replay to make sure I didn't miss anything.

    There are other free classes on Matthew Wood's website (and other freebies).

    Including one on Bitter Herbs on April 26th, which I am signing up for.