Funny video on how to get a truck out of the mud - but super useful!

Capt'n Dave sent me this video... too funny! Hey Dave, you need to start posting these yourself :)

It's short, but definitely watch to the end. Hey @Linzi I was thinking of you and the rv adventures you are about to go on - this could come in handy some day.


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    Cool,this is something to remember!

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    my dad keeps a couple of 2x8's on the back of his mower for this exact purpose lol Funny story..last week the neighbor thought he was doing us a favor my mowing the patch of grass in between our properties (we didn't mow it for a reason) his mower slid down right into the pond, the exact reason we leave it be this time of year ! we watched him and his friends try to get his truck out that got stuck trying to get his sunken mower out of our pond for 4 hours lol.. Ill bet if he had some wood he could have gotten out before he sunk all the way in HAHAHA Maybe I should give him the link to the video


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    Hi Heather,

    Yup, life in the country makes you tough. My husband and I have dug out no less than 6 fully loaded contcrete trucks, 3 UPS trucks, and countless pickup's from the sand. We always tell them "don't get off the road" and they don't listen. I guess when you drive a big machine you feel invicable.

    We didn't use 2x6's like these. But we learned to dig long sloping trenches from each tire and lined them with strong wire mesh 'tracks' we kept on hand for the purpose.


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    Very clever and no duct tape involved! I'll file that away in my hillbilly hacks! (Hubby is from WV so we've got a lot of them)🚜

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    @Marjory Wildcraft I love the comment, "I guess when you drive a big machine you feel invicable." have you seen my daily driver (my head barely reaches the bottom of the the side mirrors LOL I AM invincible LOL -Heather

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    Oh my gosh, I am totally going to share this with my husband. We recently got our 4WD truck stuck on a steep muddy hill. A neighbor lent us some metal tracks and that finally worked to get us unstuck, but it would have been awesome to have had this trick up our sleeve before it got to that point.

    So, I can't figure out what they are using to attach the board to the tire. Some sort of rope? Seems like it would need to be super heavy duty to actually work....

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    @Merin Porter the straps look to me to be the same ones you use as tie town straps or ratchet straps..they usually have some heavy duty pull strength.


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    Marjory, that is Amazing! - And we do have boards, but of course nowhere near the Minivan when it got stuck. The neighbors only chuckled a little. Why? - Because a few years earlier 1 of them said it was time to mow "out back". - Now mind you, our 5 acres at that time bordered a Creek that flooded its banks... every Spring from the mountain run-off of Mt. Rainier. Most know just how huge is that 'mountain-Range'. - Needless to say I warned him: Oh please, wait another month or two, as your tractor weighs too much & the cost to Free it will be huge". - Did he listen? = He said "Look, I'm an ex Airforce pilot, a master gardener, & expert in alot of other areas, so I know what I am doing !" - I prayed. Not 20 minutes passed, when ... you guessed it, nearly half the tires had sunk, - oh boy!

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    Dang I wish I had seen this last fall! We spent a fortune getting unstuck this last winter! Thanks for sharing this!

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    @Marjory Wildcraft This is brilliant! Thank you for posting this, haha, it may very well be needed soon.

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    Hey Cherlynn, so glad to see you online. Well, you know now!