Traveler's Diarrhea - any suggestions?

I had no idea that diarrhea could be a projectile. It was the most out of control experience I've had... ever? I mean there was absolutely no stopping it. Thank goodness I was back at my airBnB condo and close to the shower.

Last week I was in Mexico attending a healing intensive retreat held by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I saw amazing miraculous healings. Gosh, so many incredable healings...

Saul was a man who had broken his back in 3 places from a skydiving accident years ago. He had a permanent severe kyphosis - his body disfigured into a shape like the number 7. During one meditation we were told to lay down on the floor. Saul thought "oh no, I'll either have my feet in the air or my head and chest up". But he told himself he would do it anyway. And when he laid down he heard a POP, POP, POP.. and his back straightened.! The rest of the week he had a huge grin on his face and he would lay down on the floor and jump back up again, over and over in joy.

A woman with stage 4 cancer - did all chemo, all the radiation, everything - until there was nothing else they could do. She was basically told to go home and die. She had been at one of these healing events two months earlier and had a profound healing. She told us that she had just gotten back the test results that she was cancer free. The doc's couldn't believe it and re-did the tests twice.

Dr. Joe has been collecting all of the before and after medical records and carefully documenting this.

This is not voo doo or faith healing, as he also has some serious science behind the methodology he has created.

Note that most of the healing were not from attending a one-time event - the healed people had been doing the work for months or years before that.

I myself was there to see if I could heal my vision. I was born legally blind and I am on a quest to have perfect vision. I have been doing lots of work and have improved myself to only being nearsighted (that's another story!). But I have a ways to go yet to make it to 20/20.

At this event, I did not improve my vision but I had many personal breakthroughs - especially around letting go of judgment of other people. And, as I mentioned, most of the miraculous healings weren't just because of the one week event. So I completely understand I am on a journey.

I know I will heal my vision - I am going to keep working on it until I do.

The projectile diarrhea came on the evening after the close of the event (thankfully). My intestines turned into a pit of electric eels! I had never believed any sickness could stop me from traveling before, but now I have found one 😉

You know, I was so surprised by this. I have lived and traveled to more than 37 different countries. I am not stupid (like drinking tap water in Mexico City), but I am not overly protective either. I eat street food, I eat fresh fruits and vegetables, I drank from mountain streams with the Tarahumara.

I had never been this ill.

I know that the standard story is 'You got a bug - Montezuma's revenge".

But I also understand that I had done a tremendous amount of letting go of 'crap' on the emotional and spiritual levels and that my body was corresponding with a really rapid letting go of - well - my shit - on the physical level.

When I think of the experience this way, I am really, really grateful. I am so glad to have made it back home without any 'accidents'. But I still have a lot of gurgling guts, liquid coming out, and I am desperately afraid to fart.

I've been focusing on staying hydrated. Coconut water, and the homemade hydration drink (1 quart of water, 1 tsp of honey, 1/2 tsp of salt), and maybe this is TMI, but enema's.

Do you have any other suggestions to help ease my guts?

I didn't find an emoticon for intestines or electric eels... LOL


  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hi Randy, I was craving carbs and tired to eat some sprouted bread (I don't normally eat much wheat). The gas it created was torture.

    Another friend suggested the BRAT bananna-rice-apple-toast combo. I might get courageous tomorrow and try some of that.

  • H_D
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    for gas have you tried fennel tea or just chewing on it? probiotics? chamomile tea is great to calm the stomach.

    CBD WILL calm the intestine (may initially promote more bowl movements if there is more to be removed)

    "CBD has been shown to promote stress resilience and decrease anxiety, adding to its powerful role in gut function. ... IBS is a motility issue, as is SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), and to a certain extent IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). The ECS plays an important role in modulating intestinal contractility" and THC if you are in such a place :)

    the rest, bland food, bone broth if you have on hand and slowly reintroduce foods


  • Jimerson
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    This sounds like your body efficiently getting rid of the last bits of negative energy and setting yourself up for the full healing to begin! 🙃

  • Grammyprepper
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    The BRAT diet is a way of allowing your gut to 'settle down' yet maintain some nutrition. I recall seeing a study in the recent past that disproved the BRAT diet, but I continue to recommend it. I would also find an agreeable to you way to introduce more fiber into your diet. I completely agree that your 'emotional' letting go and the physical 'letting go' are closely related. Up the probiotics and fermented foods too.

  • greenleaf
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    Mule Tail (Conyza canadensis), sometimes called horse tail. Harvest the green leaves or use dried leaves from the plant and make into tea. Grows wild in Missouri, not sure about other places.

    Drink lots of water (make sure your source is clean) eat hard cheese -- any type.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    @greenleaf hard cheese, huh? I'll give it a try. I'll also look for the Conyza.

    It's 8 days now and I'm still not 'back'. If it goes on much longer I am going to seek professional help. Might be a parasite or something?

  • Grammyprepper
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    Yeah, Marjory, at this point a stool test might be a good idea. As carefull as you were, others around you might not have been. Dr. Patrick could certainly help with getting rid of parasites.

  • bmaverick
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    Marjory, black watery stool diarrhea is what did in a friend of mine a decade ago. It was the per-cursor to his colon cancer. Don't be alarmed, seek good medical help. His was with gastric ulcers. The ulcers would ripe open and blood would enter the intestines to the colon. Thus, the black color of the watery stools. It was hunched that all of this began with diverticular inflammation from a bacterial infection in his gut, not from eating seeds or nuts. He waited too long to get medical help.

    Is it possible to do a coffee enema? If you have gut ulcers or bleeding into the gut via bacteria, the coffee enema can by some time. Medium roast only, not dark roast. The coffee will fight against candida and other gut fungi in the gut. I know, this isn't a pleasant topic.

    Now, others have good inputs here on what to take orally. Also add in ginger. Ginger will tame even H-pylori in the stomach and gut. H-pylori creates ulcers in the gut too. Most people globally have some level of H-pylori. For much of our lives it's kept in check with good nutrition and hygiene.

    Other than all that, I'm not a doctor nor an herbalist. Just that I've had the black watery stools before from the H-pylori in the gut. And experienced the SAME troubles you had described with it being a projectile. It makes the porcelain throne a mess too!

  • Karyn Pennington
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    Sounds parasitic to me also and I think a call to Dr. Jones is in order. It shouldn't be going on this long with just a case of "Montezuma's Revenge". Don't put this off, you need help ASAP.

  • ines871
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    Never saw "black watery stool diarrhea" in Marjory's OP. oh boy ! --- is that really ? your experience. And for over a week ? - it's time to stop guessing games, & find out what is Really going on, you agree ? -- Do you have a doctor you trust ? Have you asked Doc Jones for surely many helpful suggestions ? - I am praying that you are correctly helped so you can become healthy.... Marjory

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Thank you all so much! Just for clarification - it's not black... but sort of that light colored watery mess you might remember very young babies having before they ate solid food :)

    I will call Doc Jones... It's funny how when you are sick you really don't think clearly.

    Oh, I also have another call out to a local naturopath/herbalist/acupuncturist.

  • ines871
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    Two weeks now, continue praying here. Have you found any answers, or better said relief Marjory ?

  • greenleaf
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    Eight days, wow. Yes, time to seek professional help. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Alison
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    An article I read said to eat Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast...Not necessarily together.

    A couple of decades ago a lady ave me water with cornflour in it for vomiting/ diarrhea.

    I'm in awe of your willingness to share your share your story so we can learn as well. Thanks.

  • Alison
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    I've been a repeat customer of this supplier of homoepathy. They are in Australia; but so am I. But, I thought it might help you get some ideas.

    The link shows remedies for various digestive upsets including diarrhea. I am sure there is one in the US.