It doesn’t matter if it’s sugary or diet: New study links all soda to an early death

“In our study, high soft drinks consumers had a higher body mass index (BMI) and were also more likely to be current tobacco smokers,” said the study’s chief researcher, Neil Murphy of the International Agency for Research on Cancer. “We made statistical adjustments in our analyses for BMI, smoking habits and other mortality risk factors which may have biased our results, and the positive associations remained.”


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    Further they said "Processed foods loaded with artificial ingredients will never be the magic bullet to better health, no matter how low they are in sugar. Our bodies are smarter than that.” -> Which is yet another reason WHY everyone in TGN should in 1 form, or another be growing Increasing.... amounts of their own foods.

    Goody, so since have Never smoked, & have not touched a soft-drink in 18 years, & 95% of the time maintain a BMI of 19,, I should be able to live to a Healthy 120+ 😀, right ?

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    @Merin Porter this is interesting. Several years ago a study came out that linked dark sodas like colas, Dr Pepper, Pepsi etc to kidney damage in diabetics. Interestingly it wasn't sugar or artificial sweeteners that caused the problem it was the phosphoric acid. That is the ingredient that gives dark sodas their sparkling, snappy flavor and keeps them from turning black. It was a similar finding, more than one or two a day on a routine basis could cause harm. I used to have a link to that study but couldn't locate it. I wonder what ingredient is common to all soft drinks that would account for their finding?

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    @VickiP I've read phosphoric acid can dissolve a nail, imagine what it might do to the delicate balance of a human's kidney.

    The ingredients in soft drinks are so foreign to the body as @rainbow inferred, all (perhaps the combination of all) must contribute to the damage done.

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    @merlin44 - Yes, the inner lining of the gut consists of a single cell layer of intestinal epithelium that forms millions of crypts and villi. Stem cells (shown in green) reside at the bottom of the crypts and replicate DAILY, generating new cells to maintain the tissue. --- True, & 1 of the main reasons... we were Created with a GI-tract LINING that renews itself EVERY DAY ? - because of (like we all here in this thread agree) human ego & financial stupidity....

    As just 1 example: the countless times I've taught very BASIC Nutrition class, - someone actually piped up with "an acid is an acid is an acid, so there's no difference between the Essential fatty acids, & other Nutritional acids you've taught about, & phosphoric acid in soda drinks" --- After rolling my eyes, obviously intelligently I completely dis-agreed. And had to straighten that out. --- That goes to show that children in public school are no longer taught what's wrong, & what's Right...

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    @VickiP, that's a great question! And I couldn't help but wonder if it had something to do with other lifestyle factors that might be common to folks who drink any type of soda....

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    Also phosphoric acid was and may still be common in manufacturing facilities as it's used to remove rust from metal. I worked in manufacturing for a short spell. Also I have heard from various mechanics who use Coke to remove rust and corrosion from car battery terminals.

    And based on either a MSDS that I read back in the early 2000s or something else it talked about how if a worker drank an X amount (I don't recall the amount) of phosphoric acid that s/he would more than likely die as it would destroy the lining in the stomach.

    Also if you ever read the ingredients on Coke bottles (not 2 liters or cans) in the "International" aisle of your supermarket you will see a big difference in the ingredients used versus the ingredients for Coke (in 2 liters or cans) that is found elsewhere in the store.

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    I am pleased to say that I do not miss my diet sodas. Such a good thing that I have forgotten them!

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    @Merin Porter It could be that folks who consume excessive amounts of sodas drink it instead of water. I actually know people who don't like water and drink sodas or tea or coffee or juice instead. Time for confession, I used to drink soda regularly, I quit some time ago but I do know that I wasn't drinking enough water at that time. I would be interested to see if that had anything to do with it.

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    Just a few things I learned about soda pop over the years:

    When I was in my teens, I learned that the carbonation in sodas causes your internal organs to become enlarged.

    Later in my twenties I heard about a young man that worked during the summer as a tour guide at Timpanogos Cave and he had a cooler full of ice and sodas that he drank constantly while working. He ended up in the hospital with autointoxication. He had so much sugar in his system that when it was turned into alcohol by his body, he became inebriated.

    And more recently I learned that the PH level of soda pop is so low that the body will rob calcium from your bones to bring the PH back up to where your body needs it. Hello osteoporosis!

    Needless to say, I haven't drank soda for many years.

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    THAT ^ w/ family saying: "Listen, Stop being dehydrated, Since water makes you gag, just drink some pop", & I said: That stuff eats rust, plus robs the bones of calcium/osteoporosis; how crazy!?!" - But sad to say, soon started. Fortunately after 4 years came to my senses, & have not drank any soda in 18 years. And my kidneys adjusted just fine.

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    I have been having some health issues of a serious nature lately and one of the health care providers I saw last week was asking me about this very topic. How much caffeine do you consume? How much soda? How much water? We had an interesting conversation about the importance of drinking adequate amounts of water. I think this is something we should all give some thoughtful consideration to.

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    True, caffeine is no good either. No coffee drinkers in this house. No alcohol either. Altho the better half continues with the coke/pepsi, I refuse. - And re water? - so long as the urine remains pale straw-colored/about Clear, whatever else of a healthy nature one drinks is just fine...

    Here's hopeful your serious health issues clear up quickly so you can enjoy Good health @VickiP

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    As a recently retired health care provider, the public health section recently started pushing an add for more water and no sugary drinks. I feel like people just aren't educated enough. As a whole I feel like we need to be getting more information out about water and infused water that will give those who say they "hate" water another alternative to soda.