Baby chicks are way smarter than you think! Check this out..

Marjory Wildcraft
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With the many, many problems we are facing I've come to the conclusion that we are going to have to get way out of the box to find solutions.

A friend recently forwarded the following research about baby chicks to me that gives me incredable hope for what might be possalbe.

If you've ever raised baby chicks you know they only have a pea sized brain...


But if baby chicks can do this... imagine what we could do.

Here is the research (I hope you are sitting down - this is super amazing):

A French researcher, Rene Peoc’h, built a small robot. The robot moved around on wheels and was programmed to move in a series of random directions. At the end of each movement, it stopped, rotated through a randomly selected angle, and moved in a straight line for a randomly determined period before stopping, and so on, and so on. These movements were determined by a random-number generator inside the robot.

The path the robot traced out was recorded. And in control experiments, the robots movements randomly covered the entirety of the small arena as you would expect.

Now we start to get to the interesting part.

Newly hatched chicks (and lots of other young'uns) "imprint" on the first moving object they encounter. And as you know, they follow this imprinted "momma" around.

Peoc’h did a series of experiments where he got baby chicks to imprint on the robot. Naturally, the chicks wanted to follow the robot around. But in the experiments, Peoc'h stopped the chicks from doing so by putting them in a cage. From the cage the chicks could see the robot, but they could not move toward it.

Here is the mind blowing and incredibly hopeful part.

When the chicks were placed in a nearby cage and could see the robot, the robot's movements were no longer completely random, The chicks somehow made the robot move toward them (see the figure down below). The chicks desire to be near the robot somehow influenced the random-number generator so that the robot stayed close to the cage with the chicks in it.

Here is a drawing showing the movement of the robot

Note that control experiments where done where the chicks were not imprinted to the robot, and the robots movements were not affected.

In other experiments, Peoc'h kept non-imprinted chicks in the dark. He put a lighted candle on the top of the robot and put the chicks in the cage where they could see it. Since chicks prefer being in the light during the daytime they also "pulled" the robot toward them, to get more light.

Peoc'h also carried out experiments with rabbits in the cage where they could see the robot. And the rabbits also affected the robots movements.

To me, this is increadably exciting work. The power of intention of our minds is a factor which could completely turn around the world if as a community, we can come together and learn to focus.

I am note sure what the next steps are...


Here is a link to the Peoc'h research paper (in French unfortunately for us English speakers)

WIRED Magazine has a more in depth article on consciousness affecting computers including work at Princeton University

Here is a YouTube video of Peoc'h and his setup (again in French, but the visuals are worth it)


  • shllnzl
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    Wow. I firmly believe that we humans underestimate the intelligence of other living beings.

    There are people who believe that parrots have a psychic link to flock mates, including humans in the flock. Your referenced experiments would tend to reinforce that idea. (My bird is friendlier to me now that I no longer get stressed at work. In fact, all my pets are behaving differently.)

    I guess we need to be careful what we think around our food animals....

    BTW: You come up with some very interesting information.

  • ines871
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    Hi @Marjory Wildcraft - Amazing you would post this re "The power of intention of our minds...", - as yesterday I started referring to a small part of this, in this thread Have a Wonderful day ! 🤩

  • Marjory Wildcraft
    Marjory Wildcraft Posts: 1,613 admin

    Thanks @shllnzl

    I've always 'loved' on things around me, my computer, my phone, bicycles, etc. The WIRED article talked about research showing that it does have an effect 😀 well, beyond making me feel good LOL

    Why would you have anything around you that you didn't appreciate?

    Regarding livestock... and plants too, I can't always reach this level of consciousness but I have had the experience of the animal knowing I was raising it to eat and complete acceptance when I was taking its life during processing. It was a rabbit and it had absolutely no struggling or resistance. Both the rabbit and I were in a state of complete tranquility. A zen moment.

    I am beginning to explore OBE's (out of body experiences) to come to new terms with both life and death.

  • ines871
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    @Marjory Wildcraft - Well you know, every human's mind (the Subconscious mind) already lives... OUTside of our physical body anyway.

    IF that were not the case, we would not be able to be Aware & know... including of Remote experiences in what we call the Past, the Present, or the Future. --- For example, via my Subconscious mind I have helped people heal, by 1st. making them aware... of experiences in their past (in geographical locations I had never been in physically), they had since blocked out, that started a certain challenging problem, & then 2nd. guided their healing, & 3rd. Future-paced them, & 4th. had them practice it, to PROOF to themselves that in fact they are healed. - So far I have only done this a few dozen times.

    Another example was 9/11/01 - Hours before any of the planes loaded, I had four experiences (in bed that night, we call dreaming...), where I saw... what would later that day happen, including vivid details of what people would Think, & say & then do - on the #93 plane that crashed in a field.

    So when people say "out of body experiences" = IF they are Aware of how their mind functions, it is just another Positive & Constructive ability of the mind each of us were Divinely blessed with.

  • merlin44
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    A fascinating study. Native Americans consider all of creation relatives. Animals are the four legged, birds-the winged ones, plants-the green ones, even the life force in rocks is acknowledged with the title-the stone people. The old ones knew if we listen to Nature, they can/will teach us much about ourselves. Closer to the Spirit That Runs Through All Things, creatures KNOW while we humans debate.

    @Marjory Wildcraft Some hold the belief that our nightly sojourn into the dream world are OBE's. If we are, indeed, Spiritual beings having a physical experience, perhaps sleep is "the little death". Exploration is a marvelous journey, the miracles that surround us are never-ending. Happy Travels!!

    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us. - Marianne Williamson

  • @Marjory Wildcraft This is a great way to see things Marjory. I totally agree with you. Sometimes I wonder how to keep things totally positive and also "see" what is going on around us. It is tricky!

    Most of the time I just focus on living a lifestyle that I believe is healthing and healing to all life, making the world a better place. I'm not totally there yet have come a long way. I really can only control MY life, so I focus there.☺️

  • Marjory Wildcraft
    Marjory Wildcraft Posts: 1,613 admin

    I still keeping thinking about this... so amazing. Especially in these times when the world is going crazy. Hwo much of our own minds can we put to better use?

  • shllnzl
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    Humans are capable of wondrous things and yet we are witness to the negatives that humans inflict on the world. If the human race started to do more positive things first, we might someday see miraculous human behavior.

    In the meantime, I have the rest of the animal kingdom to lift my spirits.

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