Today's lesson-lets talk eclectics

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Eclectics were one of first Western herbal practices, or group of people that got together and began using herbs the same way with the same beliefs. They are the ones who believed that each herb had its own signature and that people who also had that signature would get the most benefit from that herb.

For example,

Chamomile is for whinny, fussy babies of any age

Blue Vervain is for tight-necked, over achieving, list makers, who cannot ask for help

Peach leaves are for fair-skinned people with a tendency to sunburn

Yarrow is for the wounded warrior

To them herbalism was truly more of an art form then a science, and they relied on the energy of the plant versus it constituents. Many of the great herbalist of today still believe this and say to be a good herbalist treat the disease. To be a great herbalist treat the person


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    I believe this way too! Even when I know one herb or another is typically used to treat what I’m after...I will tune in and ask my body if this really what I need. If I ignore this practice the treatment will often work ok but if I tune in and listen and then act on what I feel/hear the effect is almost immediate and long lasting.

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    That's the way I do it. I've learned to trust what the herbs tell me and my intuition about the person in need.

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    This seems to me to be the most intuitive approach and as someone very new to this way of life, I’m not sure what an alternative approach would be. So that is my question, I guess, does anyone use a different approach to healing and if so, what is it?

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    RE "eclectic" - while learning English as barely a teen, I experienced American fondness for labeling... (& worse then diagnosing) people.

    Especially those of us who (& quite intentional i might add) do Not fit any 'conventional mold(s)'. - Dependably & still 1/2 a century later continue being referred to as "Unorthodox (i love that one Thank God, lol), Unusual, discerning, Unconventional, individual, Unique, ... eccentric/odd as an inner understanding/motivation that isn't intelligible to someone else), even eclectic, crazy, weird & woo-woo" lol - ookay, the last ones only by those whose entire reality sits on the head of a nail.

    By & large I Choose living life joyfully different.

    @pseabolt - in my experience helping people, (who had been written-OFF by the medical profession as hopeless, in more ways than 1), - that ^ approach would never help the person become well.

    Including the Focus being on any number of herbs, - my FOCUS is the person her/himself. Some people know this as NLP, plus others of us also use hypnosis to guide people in What they truly want.

    Sure herbs can help, no question about that. - But 'merely helping... symptoms', is Not the same thing as guiding people in What they truly want.

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    @rainbow, I guess I was thinking too narrowly. I was thinking of “fixing the physical issue”. I agree that you also need to treat the person as a whole, rather than a wet cough or whatever. I truly believe that the mental impacts the physical as well as the other way around.

    May I ask what NLP stands for? I warned you that I’m always full of questions. As a child, my older cousins nicknamed me “But Why?” 😂 To be clear, I was a curious child, not a defiant one.

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    Hi @pseabolt - wanna have a Contest to see who is the most "courious-er" ? LOL

    Sure, NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming... which btw, newborns are masterful at, right from the get-Go, & certainly Long before they ever learn to talk. - Starting at the 1st. time they scream real good, they learn that most people will come running, to see How they can help... They go: How kewl. Let's test this again, & Again, until they set a "Positive emotional Anchor" which serves as a trigger or stimulus that retrieves a desired emotional state. - Next, we all learned that when we are our Natural CUTEness, people will ooh, & aah over us, & so we continue to get lots of attention, yet again. Newborns, & infants, & even preschoolers still are the best NLP-practitioners, LOL

    I even shared a snippet of a course here months ago, that I have taught to preferably expectant Teens, to make them (of their former Subconscious talents, & skills, & possibilities...) consciously Aware. The Intended Outcome of this particular course that I designed, created, & held was/is that they positively Bond with their child while yet in the womb, such that when baby is birthed, they are already a Healthy family unit, able to Guide their child/ren to their fullest potentials as humans, & thus "make the difference" in our world.

    What I shared here August 12th:

    I graduated from an NLP-course as a "master-practitioner" with an A+, lol, & have used these skills to help various people Achieve Outcomes (both emotional & 'physical' that others still assume are 'totally impossible/miracles'), but obviously are available to most people.

    If you are interested, we can start a New discussion on this successful technology.

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    @rainbow I’m very interested. Your statements about children blew me away. Not because I didn’t know these things but I had never thought of them listed in those terms. Amazing little creatures, aren’t they? So do you think that we lose those abilities with age or are they trained out of us?

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    Hi again

    Two hours ago I responded to your question, waiting to be sent. While had to attend to Family-matters, during which time the computer decided to do an Update, lol. Needless to say my entire response Poof ! disappeared.

    re " we lose those abilities with age, or are they trained out of us ? " - Fortunately, we never lose our God-Blest abilities. They remain,

    albeit for most people HIDDEN under multiple re-inforced... layers of both Soul+Mind CRUD/rust. You know the True saying "Use it, or lose it". Truth. - What happens to us as children, is that repeatedly some clueless A-dult (spelling intentional) such as churches, & Medical doctors, & parents, & teachers & shrinks etc. tell a child "Shut up", & that message in countless damaging/harmful ways gets drummed in, until to some extent All of us to varying degrees do Shut/stuff-down the very Abilities & Skills you today enjoyed reviewing...

    This gives a NLP-practitioner, especially one with greater emotional Flexibility... the opportunity to Lead someone (seriously STUCK in whatever issue, problem, dis-ease (spelling intentional) OUT, & Restore to him, or her their Divine-blest Freedom. Free to once Again make FULL use of their Abilities & Skills you enjoyed reviewing from my Personal Development course, one of several I might add.

    But as this thread was started by @bubknzklee who is following the Traditional path of: SEE a problem, give/try herb(s) treat (which is like) the AMA: SEE a problem, give/try drugs... to treat, - instead I suggest we live that methodology alone. - The thing is: So long as a supposed "helper" needs to rely on a PHYSICAL object, to effect change, - what that teaches, & re-inforces in sufferers is: You must keep coming to me to get helped. <- THAT 'object' (drug/herb) dependence is not doing anyone any favors.

    Let me just mention 1 quick example here, of how NLP has been shown to succeed, where pitifully few have even sought to make the Difference. In traditional medicine, anybody in a (what is called) a 'coma' is treated PHYSICALLY, because further skills are judged "impossible". - Did you know that (with no drugs, or herbs used), 'comatose' people can be, IF he or she wants, Transitioned... OUT of that, or other state; & into states they much prefer. - How would I know this ?, @pseabolt you may ask - Because I have done it; & so have others.

    And yet NLP, as seemingly miraculous,, & it has its own multiple volumes encyclopedia of skills..., - yet it is not as able, as is hypnosis. - But I want to avoid having people get these two mixed up. They both have their successful places in helping people get the Outcomes each Individual truly wants.

    Like I said before, should you be Interested, we can share in a New discussion.