groundhog = gophers?

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    Yes, or whistle pig, marmot, etc. They grow very large in the southern Appalachians... probably 10 l on average. They are clean animals, vegetarians... and very, very good eating!

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    They are not the same but I had to look to make sure lol. Here is what I found:

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    Thanks for the link @seeker.nancy , that explained it very well.

    @judsoncarroll4 A gentlemen at my church, who is in his upper eighties, told me one time that his mom would cook groundhog when he was growing up. He said it was good, but very lean, so she would wrap it in bacon.

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    ground squirrel , gophers, and ground hogs(which by the way are yellwbellied marmots, no matter if they're called groundhogs, rock chucks,or wood chucks) are all different, oh and whistle pigs are different to

    @blevinandwomba we would have "groundhog" for Mother's Day, the Paiute sear the fur off after gutting. And we would pick wild onions to stuff the cavity then they'd roast them in the oven with skin on so it wouldn't dry out. To me it taste like crossing a chicken with pork. They are god eating, they also wreak havic with irrigation canals here by digging big holes in

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    wow....this is very interesting...our dogs tend to chase and/or possible eat them. Not sure. However our Pyrenees did eat one. It was interesting to watch how she cornered it in our open pasture.

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    And then there are prairie dogs (are these your "whistle dogs"?) that are large & live in large colonies on flat land. Groundhogs don't and don't need flatlands.

    The fleas that these carry are believed to be the same ones that started the historic bubonic plague in Europe.

    I know of two protected colonies (I am sure that there are many more). One in Custer State Park (SD) and in the central-SW area of Saskatchewan Canada.

    We commonly call ground squirrels "gophers" here. They are a nuisance in pastures (their holes can break large livestock's legs) and are regularly utilized as target practice by hunters & farmers. My husband, when just a boy, put a running hose down some holes as their dog waited by another entrance/exit to snap them up. I guess they were a good team.