Permaculture Cookbook

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Well I reckon it is time to announce the new project. A week, or so, ago, a Permaculture colleague suggested that I consider writing a Permaculture cookbook. Essentially, she said that Geoff Lawton had mentioned that most modern cookbooks were irrelevant to folks who farm like us, because they only deal with food available in the grocery stores.... So much of what I eat is harvested wild, or grown in my garden from plants... seeds/cuttings, etc... taken from the wild. I know how to cook.... well, maybe 1,000+ foods that the average American grocery shopper will never even see... So, yes, it made sense. I have been making notes and thinking a lot about this... and I've even decided to go back to school for some credentials... My ETA on the first book is 2 years. I want to document growing/foraging/hunting/fishing/trapping/raising each ingredient. However, I will begin doing so.... seed to tummy, very soon. I have registered the blog and the FB group Permaculture cooking... videos and posts soon to come! My plan is to focus on seasonal foods, native, heirloom, annual, perennial, wild or cultivated... meat or plant... no modern tech, no "semi-home made"... real food... how to grow or procure it, process, preserve cook; to the table. The majority of my recipes will be based on pre-1950 and centuries old, adapted to the modern kitchen. My goal is that , say you have grown or found Jerusalem artichokes, or killed a couple of squirrels.... I'll tell you and show you a dozen ways to cook them, from scratch, in my own laid back, easy going Southern style.... and it will be sooooooo good! Oh yeah... my background is that I'm a cook, food historian, grew up on an old Southern farm , learned to cook from my half French, ancestors and am a Permaculture Design Consultant.