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For those of you who are like me and enjoy reading books one of my favorite booksellers is Hamilton Booksellers 

I was shopping there today and found some items I thought I would share. I think the pricing is great.

They also carry a nice array of books covering composting, growing mushrooms, individual flowers, fruits and vegetables etc. Of course they have many other topics including Homeschooling, Nature, Crafts etc.I have ordered from them for years. They charge a flat $4.00 per order for postage and handling. A good resource for those who want to build a useful library for their homestead.

Do you have a favorite place to buy books?


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    I'd forgotten about them! Great prices, and you can find books and movies that are hard to find elsewhere.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    Plenty of theirs on my shelf!

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    Sigh. I so cannot resist affordable books.

  • Linda Bittle
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    I can't always resist the not-so-affordable ones!

    I have so many interests, and I read every day. In fact, I've put it in my planner that bedtime is 9 pm so that I can read every day. Anyway, I figure there are way worse addictions to spend my money on.

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    Books are a weakness for me. Good they are calorie free. LOL

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    @Mary Linda Bittle @merlin44 I tell myself there are worse ways to spend time and money. Reading is why I know a little bit about a lot of subjects.

    I am always amazed at so many people who never found the joy and escape into a good book.

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    I've never understood how people don't love to read! As I've worked at the elementary school, I've been delighted to see that our small, rural, and not terribly prosperous community loves and supports the library and the Scholastic Book Fair! They spend money on books for their children, and the children, mostly, love the books. It makes my heart happy!

    But there are those few families and children who do not read. Some cannot, despite the best efforts of the teachers. I see - daily - how the teachers try to pass on that love of knowledge and the excitement of a good novel. I feel so sorry for them. Books open up the world!

  • I grew up in a house with big bookcases on the walls and they were full! Both parents liked to read and I do as well. I've had to downsize my collection a few times over the years and need to again. I swear it's almost like parting with good friends! I'm going to more reference type books as I find that's nearly all I read anymore. Those do NOT go lol. I will likely always need room for my books and my rocks and my herbs/essential oils lol.

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    Yes, having books in the home is so important for children. I have always had books. I too have found my interests have changed over the years. I also find that now I read mostly non-fiction- history, science and the like as well as DIYs. @seeker.nancy I collect rocks too! I have ever since I was a child.

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    When I got married, I built a Bookcase (that I was told "will Never stand-up, fall over, & on you" - Oh really? - Apparently that bookcase did not know that, as on the bottom shelf it held ALL the National Geographics magazines back to 1975, & 40 maps, that I would use in our UNschooling later. - The 2nd. level held the Bible-aids, & many Classics. The 3rd. level held a bazillion Garden books ( 35 of which I still have, including The Herb Book: The Most Complete Catalog of Herbs Ever Published" the 1st. version in 1974), & The 4th level held our Music things. etc. - That bookcase never once fell over, & stood the test of time. Nearly ALL our books were/are "Scientific, & DIY" - Obviously I need to read that HERB book again, lol

    in our 'Little house on the Prairie', the above case was too long, so instead we lined every Inch of the walls with yet more books, and a wise friend said "You really know how to INSULATE a house, lol" - Yup, that can serve as another purpose of books.

    Kiddos also loved the "Scholastic Book Fair" , etc. reading on average 14 books each month. - How can you not ? love books

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    I have three huge bookcases full AND I have started getting some books in Kindle format.

    I still have to have my escapist novels; they are a form of meditation for me. I get to read maybe an hour a day, not including TGN and too many e-mails.

  • @VickiP my mother said she always had to check my pockets for rocks before she washed them lol.

    @shllnzl kindle is my new collecting format lol. There are quite a few free books available. I probably need to check the the storage on my kindle lol.

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    @seeker.nancy I think Amazon will store your books for you, you can re-download later if necessary.

    Actually, it is probably that they let you download repeatedly once you have bought the books.

    I have gotten some good free ones that started my on an author.

  • @shllnzl I think you are right on that. Wonder if I will ever get it all read lol?

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    @seeker.nancy I am a Prime member so I get one free Kindle book a month from a list. I pick the one that is most interesting out of what is possible, but not all are to my liking, so I know I have not read all my downloaded books.

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    I love Have spent many dollars there. They are reasonable with a wide variety of subjects. Love the cooking, gardening, DIY and mystery sections. I am also a prime member and have a ton of downloaded books that just don't seem to measure up.

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    @VickiP I purchase a lot of books from local retailers. I also have found some really good books at Goodwill, our local library (the main branch has a store in the basement and sell books, CD, DVDs, crafts, odds and ends, etc.), book fairs, growing food conferences, and book signings. I sometimes purchase online but not that often.

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    We just love books around here. When we started our family we agreed that we would get the most nutritious food we could and we would have quality literature. Our cars are old and many of our clothes come from Salvo's, but we have kept to those two priorities.

    Our kids all learned to love books too. They were one of the premium rewards in my candy buy back program (it seems like someone was always handing my kids a piece of candy!😕). The kids didn't care that the books were from garage sales or the library book sale. They were new to them!