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Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.


We all know that thoughts are creative.


If you want to control your thoughts… simply control what you say.


Don’t say what you don’t want to think.


Positive thoughts bring about positive results.


Don’t say you can’t... because you can.


My poor dad would always say, “I can’t afford it!”

My rich dad, on the other hand, forbade me from saying, “I can’t afford it!” and challenged me to ask instead, “How can I afford it?”


The word “can’t” closes your mind, while the phrase “How can I?” opens your mind.


If you want to master this simple concept, keep an empty jar in your home and every time you hear yourself say, “I can’t afford it,” put a dollar in the jar.


You’ll either change your words and thus your thoughts, or… you’ll have found a new way to save money.


To creating your opportunity,




P.S. - Once a year, Kim and I hold an event where we invite special guests to join us to share their predictions for the coming year. The 8th annual event is in two days and you’ll definitely want to make plans to join us for this (more on that in a minute).


One of the most common questions people ask me is, where do I get my information?


People want to know which experts I trust and who do I listen to. Of course, recently I’m being asked more specific time-sensitive questions:

·   who do I think will be the next President, and what will that mean for investors?

·   What is going to happen in the markets?

·   I’ve even been asked where I’m investing my time and money in 2020.


I actually like when people ask these types of questions, it shows they are making an effort and starting to think about the year ahead. It shows they are seeking knowledge.


Becoming rich isn’t as much about luck or special circumstances as it is about knowledge and increasing your financial education.


The rich understand how to make the most out of whichever asset class they invest in through wise use of their money and time. Then they also understand how to protect their assets, and using the tax code to supercharge their investing and entrepreneurial pursuits. When they lack the knowledge they need, they surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are and teach them what they need to know. I do the exact same thing.


Okay, back to the event I mentioned. The global premiere of the Rich Dad Crystal Ball LIVESTREAM event is Thursday. This is a chance for you to hear my thoughts on the year ahead and even answer some of the specific questions I mentioned above about what I’m going to be doing with my time and money in 2020. But even more important, my wife, Kim and I will be joined by some of the smartest people I know – these people are some heavy hitters. Not only am I excited for you to learn from them, I’m personally looking forward to getting their personal predictions for the year ahead. This is the biggest online event I do of the year, so you don’t want to miss it.Get your free access to the global premiere now.


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    @silvertipgrizz so true about the positive thoughts, turning thoughts around, and looking at what we may think of as problems or obstacles and finding the positive.

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    The positive, and solutions to obstacles..all make us stronger wouldn't you agree?

    Robert Kiyosaki had a very interesting start. I think it was his first book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', quite interesting and a better way of seeing money I think. I didn't know he was teaching about how to make money work for the person and not the other way around on such a big scale til recently. I've seen him be impatient on a you tube but by and large he seems to be very happy and passionate about sharing his knowledge.

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    @silvertipgrizz many years ago, long before Robert was famous for "Rich Dad" I was a student of his. I participated, or assisted in his workshops in Hong Kong and Singapore when he was in Asia (I lived there for close to a decade). He taught a workshop called "Money adn You" which was really, really good and helped me change a lot of my internal conversations about money. I grew up in a very poor family... so I had some work to do with my own internal messaging.

    The biggest thing I got from Robert, and a big part of why the Grow Network exists, is how I realized that business can be a force for good. And for massive change.

    Ugh, I'm almost a little embarrassed, but I think I still have some footage of when I was the lead testimonial in some of Roberts infomercials he did with Time Life. Before The Grow Network, I built a successful real estate investment company based in Austin, TX. I'll dig around for the footage if you are interested... I was so young then!

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    @Marjory Wildcraft

    Please teach me everything you will.

    I too grew up in poverty, and the alcoholism of my beloved dad's aftermath of events of WWll. I have over come so many obstacles as many others have so I am not whining of my beginnings. I worked through 3 physical injuries and had to retire after the third and final classified as 'catastrophic injuries' by my employer, the DOD. I did not want to retire. I loved my work, it was not a job. I lost a great deal over that ordeal. I have tried to find a way to continue my work but finally retired my RN license disgusted because I could not find a way to 're write' my career in my chosen field.

    One of my biggest problems has been for as long as I can remember is that money meant little to me. I realized of course it was needed for important things to get through til the next pay day... Until I realized only about 10 years ago that money can be used for much good.

    I have a passion for gardening and for helping people. I am 66 years old and have to manage my back, neck, both shoulders and a knee, but I still go to the garden. How can someone my age with my 'old but still significant joint issues' find my way back to purpose and a decent income to add to my retirement.

    Making money is time out of our life. But making our money work for us instead of the other way around, while being able to help others, that is what is worth our time.

    Yes share the footage. And please teach anything and everything you want to.

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    @silvertipgrizz - I was going to say a couple of things about this subject; - but surely Marjorie can do a much better job 🙂:)

    I wish you well 🙂

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    Hmmmm... “How can I like this post”?

    Nope... Sorry... Didn’t help at all... it’s still just a lame attempt at repackaging common sense along with some wishful nonsense that defies logic. I guess it’s a good thing I’m already rich, even though I too grew up dirt poor.

    Take a good hard look at the majority of the rich people in the world. Wishful thinking and positive thought had nothing to do with it in any way. Surrounding themselves with smarter people is a ridiculous claim (why aren’t those “smarter people” rich, why would they help some other clown get rich )? Heck, look at our own President, the clown just bullied a 16 year old girl for beating him out of a magazine award that he had zero chance of getting. Is that “horse stable genius” who happens to be a rich dad and grew up with a rich dad someone you think people should strive to become? I see zero happiness and joy under that ridiculous floppy hair piece.

    Now if you come up with a way to “Make America Smart Again”, and “Give Politicians integrity, honesty, and honor”, (I cant really say “again” because they never really had those qualities in the past) then you will get my attention and a chance to earn my support.

    Happiness is the only goal worth striving for, money is nothing to a happy person and trying to change your thoughts to get more money is a fool’s errand. You can’t will yourself into being smarter, that’s not how it works. People get some really dumb ideas about what will make them happy (including thinking money is the answer), but make no mistake, whether they realize it or not, all they really want is to be happy.

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    Hi @cre8tiv369 oh I humbly disagree with you about both the impact of your thoughts and the people you srurround yourself with - they are everything!

    You totally create your own reality by what you think. And, of course, just thinking won't get you there - you also need to act on your dreams. I know there is a lot of wishful thinking and spiritual mumbo jumbo out there - but if you truly observe yourself and spend time quieting your mind so you can assess your thoughts and reactions (and that is difficult work) and choose to change yourself, you can.

    You become who you surround yourself with - so seeking and nurturing relationships with people who you admire for one trait or another is a good thing. I've found they don't even have to be in person. For example, while living out in the middle of nowhere at the end of a dirt road I got audio books from the best business minds around the world and throughout time. Ditto for online trainings and forums like this. I could surround myself with amazing people in that way. It's how the Grow Network has been built.

    I have no idea how Trump got to where he is... and I would not focus on him as an example.

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    Wow, what a sad and depressing idea Marjory... Surrounding yourself with people you want to be like sounds like really bad advice from some self help clown that has no idea but is hoping someone you like does. I totally understand that perspective is everything, but perspective does not lead to money nor does surrounding yourself with others in an attempt to become more like them.

    Surround yourself with people YOU love for whatever reason your heart may have. It doesn’t matter how successful they are or if they have some particular trait you covet, trying to be someone you are not, or even worse, trying to be another person you want to become are more fool’s errands.

    Love who you are or become the person you can love regardless of what anyone else in the world thinks. You are who you are, and if you don’t like who you are, no one else will either, and that includes co workers, bosses, customers, investors, or anyone you meet. It’s ok to want to be more like someone you already love, but that is a far far far cry from choosing to be around people you don’t love for the sake of trying to become like them.

    Success comes when you are the best “you” that you can be, and success is all about your own perspective, regardless of what the perspective of others may be. No one can deny that happiness is the true measure of anyone and everyone’s success. Being a McDonalds employee may be maximum potential for a person with a limited mental capacity, but that has no bearing on their true happiness, especially if they love themselves and everything in their life, and love everyone they surround themselves with.

    I have done a lot of volunteer work with severely handicapped people throughout my life. I have helped people that were thrilled and overcome with joy, pride, satisfaction, and incredible happiness when they finally learned to brush their teeth without needing help. Helping disabled people, and the experience of seeing other “normal” people not being able to overcome the disabilities of a stranger they have never met, taught me everything I needed to know about true happiness and success. It also set in concrete that there was nothing in the world that I could not do, absolutely nothing that I couldn’t do. I have always been successful, at everything I have tried, because there is nothing I can’t do (that is not some mantra I say to psych myself up, I honestly believe, with all my heart, that there is nothing I cannot do). And I learned it by teaching severely handicapped people to tie their shoes and brush their teeth. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I did not become the severely handicapped people I was surrounded by, I simply gained a new perspective and had my own personal epiphany.

    That rich dad poor dad stuff is pure crap and nothing but wannabe manifested greed and blind stupidity. That is the path away from happiness and success, to a dark place of false gods, zero self esteem and a sense of self worth based solely on the opinion of others and the market value of the dollar. That’s just a road to a sad game of money tag.

    Be yourself, like yourself, love yourself, choose friends you love, and follow your heart and then try to find a way to do what you love. And if you don’t know what you love, then that’s ok, your quest is then to discover what you love, it’s a noble quest, an exciting quest, an adventure into discovering yourself, it’s a quest for happiness. And like I said before, “happiness is the only goal worth striving for, money means nothing to a happy person”.

    The 10 habits of unhappy CEOs that people think are successful is crap, the 10 habits of truly happy people is crap, and knowing them does absolutely nothing for you and the unique individual that you are. The wealth accumulated by a rich dad on lack of wealth of a poor dad is total BS (did you love your dad and did he teach you how to have fun, that’s real currency). Every birth costs exactly 1 death, it’s the price we all pay for a shot at life, you take nothing with you when you go, whoever has the most fun and finds the most joy and love before they go wins. Once you learn and understand the rules in this game of life, the rest of it becomes a lot more fun and interesting.

    Yes, we all need to eat and earn real money, yet most cannot connect the dots, try to earn that money doing something you love and the rest tends to fall in place. It’s really hard to fail at something you love, and it’s really easy to succeed at something you love. And no one loves greed nor greedy selfish people, it’s not a character flaw most people like or strive to acquire. So when I see greed flaunted, in the shallow guise of being something desirable, I slap back down into the gutter where it belongs. It’s not self help, it’s a shallow attempt at validating the selfish greed of others trapped in a sad shallow ponzi game which they only think they are winning.

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    @cre8tiv369 Hmmmm.....You are so wrong.

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    I see some truth in all these comments. There is no ONE way to do anything.

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    @silvertipgrizzI do agree all those challenges make us stronger. The docuseries Money Revealed presented Robert K as a speaker. At a young age he was questioning money concepts. He seemed quite happy; which whether we are financially rich, poor, or somewhere in between it is my belief that we are all rich in some way. We all have gifts to share and much to learn from each other @Marjory Wildcraft would love for you to share those ads 😊

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    OK, OK, I'll got dig them up! LOL, it was a past lifetime actually.... I hope I am like a cat and get 9 of them (I've lived about 4 so far).

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    Thank you @shllnzl for saying that, right after merlin44 posted her, once again, judgement.

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    Whew, yes, this is definetely a past life experience.

    Like many people, I used to believe that wealth was based on money. Now I know much better!

    True wealth is health, fmaily, community, meaningful work, and living a life of purpose.

    That background in investing has helped form the Grow Network though. And as I am looking for farmland to grow herbs, I'll probably be structuring similar deals with investors...


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    Wow, you are so convincing Merlin, so much to think about there...

    Let’s see just how far off the mark I am. The stock market fluctuates on investor emotions, and if I can influence those emotions in any direction, then I can make a ton of money. All I need to do is get a lot of people to buy a particular stock and it goes up. So what if I got some shady con men together and held an online webinar under the guise of helping people get rich. I can hook them in by telling them it’s exclusive, and that I will have the smartest people, the best people, and I am looking forward to hearing and sharing financial predictions, and it’ll be a great time and opportunity, and to make sure I am hooking the right kind of greedy fish (sucker, dupe, rube, mark, etc), I’ll make sure to frame it in a style of financial self help get rich type of lingo and buzz phrases, but at the same time make it seem like it’s not a formal seminar, just a bunch of smart people sharing predictions, like a party where we all mingle with pretty people, successful people, who love to spill the beans on how to become wealthy. So once I get a ton of rubes to attend, I give em the ‘ol razzle dazzle’ and show them some “financial experts” that I claim are the best and brightest, real heavy hitters, and they do some razzle dazzle crap and talk about how they made all this money by buying great stocks in the past, and for the sake of real time current examples, they will let you in on a couple “secret stocks” that they are watching very closely and why, and how they think those stocks are going to soar. Those stocks might look ok, they might even look tempting, and they are not too well known and are at a really low price, how could you not buy a few shares (just in case it does sky rocket). What you don’t know is they already own a million+ shares, and if they stream that webinar to several million people, and a good percentage buy a few shares of that stock, then it will rise up just like they predicted, and then they will sell everything they have and make a huge profit, and then they immediately take a big chunk of the profit they made and short that same stock so they make money once it drops back down after the hype dies and folks realise it’s not a good stock after all, and the stock corrects back down to it’s true market value (and the got to double dip and make money on both the rise and the fall). In the end, the rubes lost a little, but someone just made bank. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy, thanks for sharing and caring and inviting me to your exclusive party.

    Now I don’t know any of this for a fact, but when I read between the lines, that’s what my spidey senses are telling me. Market manipulation is incredibly rampant all over the world (if it were not, stocks would rise and fall based solely on financial reports and facts), but market manipulation is incredibly hard to prosecute, and will rarely garner more than a fine/slap on the wrist if you do get caught, and no one gets caught duping small investors.

    So now you all know a proven way to get rich with very little risk. Granted it’s a rich man’s con, and you gotta start off with owning a lot of the stock you are trying to manipulate or buy in just before everyone else does. But you can turn a million into 40 or 50 million almost overnight (for the low low cost of a high volume webinar). And if you spread the load amongst you con artist buddies, and it’s not just one person but 30 or 40 or 100 and a few brokers in the take, then it looks fairly normal with no glaring red flags or alarms, just some investors buying low and selling high. If I wanted to, I could also pitch financial coaching services, perhaps a cut of the exclusive discounted webinar sales of a buddy’s get rich book, or any other method of milking more money out of rubes.

    Self help books/ get rich books never offer anything more than a couple tidbits of common sense. People get all excited about something any 5 year old could figure out simply because the 5 year old looks at it with a simple mind. I don’t bother with those books and I don’t really know anything about Robert Kiyosaki, but I did just Google “Robert Kiyosaki exposed” and I watched a 3 part video (investigative reporting piece from Marketplace) on you tube exposing Robert’s real estate classes that were just as much a scam as Trump University (so I suspect my spidey senses are ok).