Good article on begenning bee keeping

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    Yes, the Farmers Almanac has a good intro on beekeeping. The best advice I would add to that is find a local beekeepers association and go visit their next meeting. They will be able to advise you on beekeeping locally, issues that need to be dealt with and good sources for beekeeping supplies.

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    One of my best friends is the President of the county Beekeepers association, who knows we are Not allowed to keep a Beehive in this area.

    The Mason bees, & other pollinators thus far have done a good job. My only problem is giving too many 4 ounce samples of our 5 gallon buckets of dark Wildflower-honey, away as presents... 🙂 But I know where I can get more easily.

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    Mmmmmmm....I love the dark wildflower honey, it has such a good flavor that you’ll never get from the grocery store........

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    Another excellent honey is one made from the invasive Japanese knotweed. My bees love the little white flowers. I was expecting a nice crop of goldenrod honey. But when I took off my honey supers the honey was mostly dark like buckwheat. At first couldn’t figure out what was going on. Went on afield trip and found the Japanese knotweed a mile down tHe road. It was loaded with bees. Surprisingly has a very good taste that a lot of people like. Keep your eyes open for it to give it a try.

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    My great grandfather kept bees... he died in the 90s, at nearly aged 100. Getting to know him was a very big deal in my life. He kept his bees near the swamp in southeastern, NC. The bees gathered nectar from sweet gum and wild flowers. The honey was nearly as dark as molasses, and had a richness that burned your throat. I dream of living like he did... a garden, chickens pecking around the back door, hogs and a smoke house, ponds to fish, woods to hunt and cows in the pasture. He was a brilliant man who wanted to be a fashion designer and musician before WW1 (he was of French heritage, after all....). But, his military job was to accompany bodies home to their families. He came home, married my great grandmother and lived a very quiet life, in overalls... and faking deafness as he grew older (if you knew my great grandmother, you'd understand). They raised a dozen kids, He was a saint.

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