One of my chili secrets...

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Years ago, I read that jalapeno peppers wont dry properly without smoking. Well, I have dried plenty without smoking since. But, smoked and dried jalapeno peppers are fantastic, so preparing them is a must for me! I use them in all sorts of dishes, but nowhere do they shine like in chili!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure most folks have a favorite chili recipe. Mine is just what I like.... but, I do some catering occasionally... it is always a hit. I'll share it if anyone wants.... but, I do use beans, for flavor (FYI). Anyway, for the peppers - I like to dry jalapenos in a hot, shady spot (not hard to find in the South), until the wrinkle and redden. If any mold, I don't use them. The best way is to tie the stems with a length of string, spaced so they do not touch and they turn in the breeze when hung. When I smoke barbecue (REAL BARBECUE - no gas or electric) low and slow over hardwood coals for 12-24 hours, I fill the gaps between the meat with the peppers. Ever couple of hours, I change out the peppers with a new batch. After they are dried and smoked, you can put them in a jar and store for years. They are mildly hot, smoky... kind of raisin-like sweetish... and oh, so rich! Corn is also awesome smoked, but fresh in the shucks, for eating that night…. now, if you mix some finely chopped smoked peppers in with the butter and slather the corn down... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!