"How a vegan diet could affect your intelligence"


  • judsoncarroll4
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    All I know is that when I didn't eat meat, I was sick, depressed and irrational.... of course, I was also in my mid-late teens... But, when I began eating eat again in my early 20s, cooking, hunting, fishing, etc... my mood improved, my intellectual faculties became much ore acute, I became more practical, solid, conservative, Christian, healthier and much happier. Maybe it was diet... maybe maturity. I think it was a combination.

  • I think regardless of what we call our diet there are many "bad" forms people do because they do not know better. @judsoncarroll4 you may not have gotten enough complete proteins then and you may be a person who needs more protein. I think the fact that you were hunting and fishing your meat made it a whole lot healthier than what is usually served up. It's kind of like eating the produce we have grown vs. what we get off the produce aisle in our local supermarket. (It's amazing how many ways the big farms can mess up a perfectly good food item lol.)

    There are as many opinions as to what constitutes a healthy diet as there are people and each person's body is unique. It can be a challange finding the right one for our bodies and beliefs.That's what I like about The Grow Network. It's about learning to take care of ourselves and sharing what we know. And it's awesome that you @judsoncarroll4 have found a healthy diet that works for your constitution!

    May we never stop learning.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    Thanks, @seeker.nancy my great grandparents, and their parents, etc all lived to around 100... some only into their 90s, but some beyond 100. I try to mimic their diet - real food.... no "diet". Meat, fish, home grown or neighbor grown vegetables, seasonal... no processed foods. Good meat, good carbs, good fats, a little dessert, home made wide/beer/cider, a smoke of natural tobacco now and then, herbs and home remedies.

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    I actually find that there are certain times of the month (uh-hum) when I crave meat, and certain times of the month when I could take it or leave it. I can't help but think that, just as herbs seem to affect different people differently, dietary choices might be the same way. Maybe some people need meat to be healthy, and others don't need any or as much. Not sure -- just theorizing here....

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