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    Well, I am not worried but stay informed!

    I was living in Mexico when the epidemic of H1N1 started. The schools have been closed. We went for grocery shopping with masks and gloves. Coming back home we disinfected all the packagings before storing everything in the fridge. It turned out that it wasn’t so dangerous. H1N1 is a common flu virus today. We got so stressed for nothing!

    Anyway, I like to be prepared and bought some licorice that I read could be good against the Coronavirus.

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    Preparedness in general is a great plan. There are many threats out there. A couple months ago I write an article for Prepper Survival Guide talking about assessing the threats which are most likely to impact you & which of those would be the most catastrophic. This helps us to be better prepared for most of which can come our way.

    I do agree this is largely media hype, yet also agree using good sense to reduce the risk of catching an illness is still wise.

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    Today 2/13 - it is disclosed that whatever was previously done to Detect another victim was not working, so now that they are CT-scanning every corona suspect, the positive case #s are exploding to over 60000. 'Reported' death rate went from 304 to over 1300+ in merely 5 days. Their crematoriums are working 24/7 nonstop . AND they found out from other countries that the Quarantine time of 14 days was critically underestimated, because when people were "cleared", others near them were still infected over 23 days later, so now Quarantine will be at least 24 days. -

    Also the N95 masks can Not protect you as viruses easily get through.

    Members posting 'it's just media-hype' - sigh, that is not right.

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    "Also the N95 masks can Not protect you as viruses easily get through."

    I didn't have the number of the type of mask, but that is what I said earlier...but I was told by someone here that I was incorrect. I states that the masks worn by the majority of people, in China (govt issued) & otherwise during SARS, were/are inadequate. Even if they were adequate, most people wore/wear them wrong anyway.

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    N95 respirators are called "95" because they prevent against at least 95% of .3 micron particles getting through. There are no masks of this type that are 100% effective. But they are a very good option if worn correctly. The biggest reason that they are not effective is that most people don't wear them correctly and they are uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. I know this from experience as we used these masks (and assorted others) during the last two fire seasons. They are awkward and uncomfortable and need to be cleaned regularly with alcohol. If you don't clean them, there is no point in wearing them. And as for other types of paper or cloth filter masks, you have to change them out regularly or they may become contaminated and actually contribute to making you sick. N95 masks are not suitable for children or men with facial hair. (applying a layer of vaseline helps with a tighter fit over facial hair).

    Hand washing is still the most effective way to avoid getting sick, particularly with droplet spread virus'.

    Fear and panic allows a mind set that encourages illness to flourish.

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    Thank you for your thoughts @Marjory Wildcraft Although the financial concerns you express are not good, I'm happy to see I'm not alone in what I think may be going on. I agree that low to negative interest rates encourage people to upgrade perfectly good "things" with new "stuff." I would like to add that the increased debt-load puts people in a horrible position. When the economy falls apart (even a little), the value of the dollar will continue to go down (manifested by the item that cost $1.50 yesterday costing $2.00 today). The trap that will catch most people is debt. When your dollar doesn't go as far, you can't pay your car note, mortgage, credit card, student loan, grocery bill, Dr. bill, internet, cell phone, etc., etc., etc. As you can't pay, you slowly begin to loose everything.

    In this economy, getting out of debt as fast as you can (paying off the necessities of life first), saving as much as you can (outside of the banks), and continuing to learn as much about self-sufficientcy as you can, will help you get through this upcoming financial downturn.

    "Slave-Landia" is in trouble. Knowledge is what will help us. I appreciate these forums.

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    @torey - Real Panic I only resort to for any # of Specific harmful humans that have been after me in real life, where by God's grace I managed to escape alive. -

    re this virus, am only stating an update, nothing more. - And yes, I know what the 95 stands for. Thank you. 🙂

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    @SparrowRose I'm curious to what threats you think are the biggest to worry about? For me it's hard to decide which is most likely! LOL Seriously we are in such a bad way on so many fronts: financial collapse, epidemic/pandemic, terrorist, and I was astonished a while ago when NASA siad "oh yeah, every 11 years there is a 12% probability of an EMP". That's pretty dang high IMHO. I'm really gettin' into prayer lately.

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    Update: in case you wonder Why I have posted these?? - The Insight is at the bottom of this post.

    -> That's right, AFTER the Chinese/communist govt. Intentionally Invited no less 44,000 families to share in the world's biggest ever potluck (before they announced the threat to the world), last week they admitted to 'have NO idea how many of their citizens have the Corona virus.' -

    And yet Bernie Sanders in 1972: 'I don't mind people calling me a communist'; - and increasing Americans actually want Sanders to become the next POTUS, but I digress.

    -> SARS (another corona Virus) in six months: 8,096 with probable SARS resulted in 774 deaths. - But in just 1 month the 2019-nCOV death toll has surpassed that of SARS, at 910.

    -> China sacrifices the Hubei province of 60 m. people to save the world from SARS-CoV-2 = virus name, & Covid-19 = disease name.

    -> A week ago, WHO reported Coronavirus: Up To 24 Days Before Symptoms Start Showing, AND Death-rate for the hospitalized in Wuhan is about 20%. Another critical piece is that Airborne means it can travel much further in the air.

    -> But in the U.S. the 'experts' have everything under control. the CDC admits to having sold & shipped FLAWED Test-kits to hospitals all over the world. - That's probably the 1st. time they've ever "admitted" to any wrongdoing.

    -> Is the Coronavirus Now Unstoppable ? New Data Suggests So 44 Americans on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Diagnosed with Coronavirus, bringing the total cases aboard the vessel to 355, the largest confirmed cluster outside mainland China. The Vacation ship is a case study for scientists. They need a controlled environment to learn how the Coronavirus is spreading & mutating... The poor people on the ship are unfortunate test subjects. What's still not known about COVID-19

    -> 2/13/20 - US confirms 15th. case, er person with Covid-19 , as cases soar beyond 64,000 around world. By now you should know the 'N95' face masks are only good for Halloween, but may at some time become available again.

    -> 2/14/2020 CDC Contradicts Trump: Coronavirus Won’t Just Go Away By April. CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield explained that “This virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will get community-based transmission.” - Read the writing on the wall.

    -> Constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead covered the advancement of the police state in great detail in his book, Battlefield America: The War On The American People. -- Eleven military bases near major airports in the United States are setting up quarantine centers for possible coronavirus patients, the Department of Defense said. The Department of Health and Human Services asked the Pentagon for quarantine space in case beds fill up at other coronavirus centers around the country, according to a DOD statement. Additionally, the Pentagon already agreed to house up to 1,000 people for quarantine after they returned to the United States from areas with the virus, the Associated Press reports. How does that compare to gulags, concentration camps, & FEMA camps? - Make note this is happening on American soil.  The question is Not "do you have a Prepper checklist ?", BUT How many items on your Prepper checklist do you have? --> -- Please prepare and

    -> For personal VIRUS preventions etc, please consider doing the discussion(s) am in the process of starting over in the

    I wish & pray for all of us to stay Free & Healthy & Happy

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    @rainbow your ability to stay up to date on this (and so many other subjects) amazes me. Thank you for keeping up updated.

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    @dottile46 Thank you for your kind words.

    Do most other members think the same of my reporting, & sharing?

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    @dottile46 & @seeker.nancy & @shllnzl & everyone, - as you know for the updates I've posted I give links where the info came from. This way people know I don't make any stuff up outa thin air. - So being aware... do you go about your day as tho it's really nothing that could affect you in the future, whether near or far? - Or do you make any kind of changes? like in your preparations? - I ask is because the above info is less than 10% of what's happening, & not only with the Coronavirus, but related matters, & on the planet itself. -- And naturally I don't want to scare people as that is useless. - Like Marjory too said, we seriously need to Think about how we put such info to Good use, & prepare.... Also, tho you say you appreciate my posting updates,

    should I stop posting such?, or only stick to the Coronavirus data?, or post about the other plagues? Please give some guidance in these matters, @Marjory Wildcraft.

    Thank you.

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    @rainbow Speaking for myself, I try to keep up with my health, clean food and preparations for emergencies. I would suspect most others in TGN do the same. Like you, we are juggling many responsibilities and can't always respond in a timely fashion.

    Please continue to share your special knowledge. I will try to absorb as much as this old brain can take.

    I am not panicing re: the coronavirus. I am praying that we will not witness a catastrophe because of it or any other current popular insanity.

  • @rainbow there is so much to think about it can be overwhelming. You are right about there being at least 90% more than you have posted. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't see/hear/read about a new threat of some sort. I admit at times I get a little overwhelmed with it. One of the many little sayings/quotes my mom used to tell me is "ignorance is bliss". I didn't understand this really until I was an adult. That being said, I'm not the "stick my head in the sand" kind of person. When I learn of some new threat I try to analyze how it will affect me/earth & it's inhabitants and what I can do about it. Then I just try my best to address anything I need to do and then try to let my mind go to the happy place lol, which means some type of distraction so my mind does not start spinning in circles.

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    Hi @rainbow Actually I really appreciate you putting together all that info. I really don't have the time to keep up with the whole thing... so it was nice to see the compilation all nicely laid out.

    I do see a lot of panic out there. I made a decison not to go into fear anymore. I'm not putting my head into the sand, but I'm not going to get my adrenal glands all out of whack either. I've spent too many years in that hell hole of worrying about what could happen... That's the great thing about having skills, resources, family, friends, and a connection to the Divine - it helps me to be calm.

    Did you see the latest article by Doc Jones? He specifically addresses that article about the RNA of the Corona virus which was up and then taken down...

    Doc Jones seems to have about the same perspective as me - this thing has the potential to be very bad, but right now there is a lot of overblown fear.

    There are reports from the complete spectrum of speculation - of completely underestimated deaths to reports of overestimated deaths.

    Honestly, I just don't know if I can believe any news sources.

    It doesn't hurt to get a bit more rest, eat well, stay nourished, maybe review Donna Gates anti-viral protocol...

    I still assert that my best guess is there is something else that is going on this scare is being used to keep our attention diverted. It also astonishes me that the stock markets haven't really budged that much given the ripple effect this will have in the global economy. It must be the money the Fed is still pumping into the repo market? I'm not such an avid news reader so not completely up on what else is going on. Hah, I've got a network to run!

    Very strange times we live in, huh?


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    I can really, and I mean REALLY help u out, but I shall be in trouble of sorts.... I know, for a certainty, which group is behind this recent mishap, the one in Canada at this moment (of which few of u here r aware). I know perfectly well, and am glad to shre it with u, that u have some perspective, some insight, some way to be safe. .. but, then, J. Edgar Hoover said: 'none dare speak thie name above a whisper', and Napoleon said: 'The r a military organization"...Lincoln said: 'If the people knew of their role in our civil war, they would riot in the streets the next morning', Emile Zola said: 'J'accuse'...which he did do, accuse this group I show u, and it stuck, because they were guilty, and France sent them away, expelled, and so did every single country u have EVER HEARD OF, except in the Americas....Okay, this seems unbelievable, so many years back, and so little proof, but they started up just when the chaos started up, and it has not ceased, only increased, talk abt conspiracies, they do that so often they started this nonentity, 'conspiracy theory'.

    That is ALL they do, 500 years now, one after another, found out, exposed, they r idea? 1534 Pope decides for the man who is a noble (as 99%of popes), a knight templar, illuminati, who teaches students while levitating, floating above-ground, a real charlatan, arrogant as hell-Society of Jesus, his new start-up, and Society of The Perfect, also, but in the dictionary, u find them under hypocrite...that is, jesuitical, it is none other than the JESUITS. Never fear, this ALL their MO, if u wld just send them away (as all other countries over the ocean have, including the vatican-which is a state, u know that?) we cld just have a decent country, as at the first, honoring God and His Bible, the KJV only. btw Phillipans mentioned above, 4:13 says: 'I can do all things through Christ Which strengtheneth me'.... Jesuits attack the Bible (the Reform, the KJV), publishing 400 translations of their own, from a corrupt source manuscript...The Bible says: 'A man will save a whole village, but he will not be remembered.' Also, 'I hate what God hates'...In the garden, we r ruminating, it seems to me, close to Our Creator, He is glad to approach and guide. Happy gardening!

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    Hi @Marjory Wildcraft , Thank you for telling me "Actually I really appreciate you putting together all that info."

    As you know from the vast majority of my posts the past almost a year, I enjoy... greatly sharing about my preferential Positive actions, beliefs, orientation & contributions. Even in times when others ill-intended have tried to bury me, - Being positive is just how I prefer to live. -

    So I never really set-out to post all that stuff I ended up doing in this thread, and it has come at a cost to me personally. I also did something stupid (for me) this week, & currently pay the price for stupidity, sigh. - As now have no less 150 tabs in the Browser that need to be cleared, I will rest this weekend, & post some more of it later. - But most of all I want to THANK YOU for adding the requested category of "General science & health" that you did. I love science, the kind that teaches of our Healthy potential & possibilities... that I have spent over 1/2 century sharing with countless people, particularly in allopathic medicine. It was my sharing such that helped me survive that ghastly sick environment. - Thank you for all that you also do as far as "Homegrown food on every table".

  • @rainbow I'm not seeing the General Science and Health category. Is it still there for you this morning?

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    I see a General Science category.

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    Hi @seeker.nancy - I wrote that link Name yesterday with a fever, more or less out of it. -- You find General Health here , right under Around the Homestead almost on the bottom. - To give people a better idea what I Intended this category for, I planned to have ten discussions already posted, but it will need to wait.

  • Thanks @rainbow . I was looking for it listed as a separate sub category lol.

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    I don't believe there is need to panic but we are certainly preparing. Being of the "prepper" mindset doesn't seem so foreign in a situation like we may all find ourselves in soon. Better to be prepared and not need it than to not be prepared and wish you had!

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    Makes you wonder. Good article and comments

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    ahhh, thank you @rainbow for your kind words. I do what I do because I love it. Because it's the most meaningful thing I can do. And becuase I can do it.

    Uh - how many tabs did you have open? Yikes.... I am thinking you are putting yourself too far into information overload. Yes Coronavirus is happening, yes there are stories from every possible angle, yes it could get very ugly, or it could be something else entirely.

    But remember the serenity prayer:

    God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference.

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    Hi @Marjory Wildcraft - Sigh, once again I did not explain myself fully, sorry. - See, I typically have way over 100 tabs open because of several projects for people who I deeply care about & LONG before (that coronavirus of over a dozen tabs), & most likely LONG into the future. Also you have no way of knowing... but since childhood, normally 1 way people describe me incldg. therefore at work is "She continues an Above & beyond kind of person", it is just who I am. I LOVE helping in any way I can, as I remain passionate in all my passions... - does this explain it better?

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    I attended a meeting today where this virus was discussed. It wasn't the main reason for the meeting, we meet on a scheduled basis, but it did come up. Others in attendance were in fields that put them in the need-to-know category and I was surprised at how they all parroted the "official" information. Not a one of them spoke out-of-the-box.

    What I learned from that meeting is this:

    The CDC sent out an email stating if you have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that shows to be expired, do not throw it out. It is ok to use it. The CDC is going to revisit the expiration dates, etc.

    Approximately 80% of the PPEs in the world are manufactured in China. It is going to take some time for the manufacturers of the other 20% to get their production ramped up to replenish the supply.

    Our 2 closest hospitals have been deemed qualified to handle a patient with this coronavirus.

    The CDC recognizes that there are others putting out information about this coronavirus that isn't accurate or cannot be verified. Therefore, the CDC states that their website has the most accurate, up-to-date information and that is where everyone should turn for their information.

    Your local or county health department is in regular contact with your state health department and may be able to answer any questions that you have on the virus itself.

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    Hi @dottile46 - Because the cdc has been caught lying to the American people re vaccine research & other "official" business, I learned that they can be trusted about as good as too many in the ama. - So I have not gone there for anything. I can not abide those who knowingly deceive so they can $profit - even when it costs !! others including innocent children by the many millions their life. 😲 Working those 4 decades in medicine Alerted me in ways that the general public has scarce any awareness of.

    So re "I was surprised at how they all parroted the "official" information. Not a one of them spoke out-of-the-box. ... the CDC states that their website has the most accurate, up-to-date information and that is where everyone should turn for their information." Ok, does that mean I should STOP posting what I have? - Not sure what you meant. Would you please explain 🙂

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    @rainbow all I was saying was that I attended a meeting and this is what was said. Everything in that post past "What I learned from that meeting is this:" is what was said by some of the others at the meeting. I didn't put those sentences in quotes because I paraphrased what they said. Sorry, didn't mean to confuse anyone. 😀

    And I was surprised that none of them seemed to have even the most remote thought of their own. It was like preschoolers reciting the alphabet.

  • Sadly many are cattle...few are goats (willing to head off where they see fit and not be contained - those with goats will totally get that lol).

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    I am in agreement that while this is a worrisome situation, I don't think it is the TEOTWAKI some folks seem to think it is. It is my belief that homesteaders (wherever they are in their journey) and preppers are well prepared for this. I think that 'standard' flu precautions will do us well. I saw an interesting article somewhere, not sure where, that the origin of Covid19 'could' actually be tracked back to that market, by black market trading of animals from the level 4 biolab. That was interesting, and quite plausible, IMHO. The 'timing' of this outbreak could plausibly suggest a way to interfere with the financial markets. But I honestly think someone just screwed up. Maybe someone will do an indepth look at the timing of the SARS/MERS/Ebola outbreaks and the financial impacts worldwide.

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