if you could, & you can :) Naturally reverse your bioage, are you Interested?

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Hi everyone,

Are you another Forward-thinking individual, Intuitively aware that everything you were ever exposed to & infected with re 'aging' is nothing more than another sorry myth, that you would Not accept. And you have steadfastly lived you own reality because doing so gained you many internal Health & happiness benefits...

For over ten years other increasing Forward-thinkers have been living it, a few reversed 10 years, & are healthfully... esperimenting towards more. As 1 example, say you are almost 60 one year, yet 10 years later, you are now a naturally healthy & happy 32 years, with so much more time to live fully as you choose...

In this group may be 1, or even 3+ people sincerely are in the Above Interested... & how about you ?



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    I agree...age is not age and nobody does it the same way. While I'm not concerned about the calendar years, I am concerned about the body years or improving health in other words. Not just the surface which is what keeps the cosmetic industry going and growing. Whatcha got?

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    Hi @seeker.nancy - What I can offer you & anyone is Vital Info, that I have researched & experimented with for over a decade.

    Aging = starts with Inflammation primarily, causing Loss of info in the mitochondria, & caused further by Overeating, & too often nutritionally-Empty/toxic foods, etc., so the body ages...

    Steps are:

    1. getting yourself tested... so you know what your Bio-age is now, &

    2.what Specific changes (including Detoxing) to make so you can Reverse your bio-age.

    Questions ? - I can share more later.

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    I don't plan to get myself tested, but I am quite bit younger than my chronological age. I would like to be even "younger" so I could do even more. I am curious: where do you get tested? I have made some conclusions of my own after listening to so many on the internet, and that is, one must eat good, organic, non-GMO food, exercise, breathe clean air, drink clean water, and have good relationships to be healthy. I would be interested in others' comments.

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    To quote Groucho Marx, "A man is only as old as the woman he feels." It is politically in-correct, but there is a reason President Trump has more energy than men half his age....

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    @rainbow Duh?

    Pass it on por favor lol. I"m all ears and after you share your truth maybe I can hear with both of them again lol rof ... just kidding but yes by all means SHARE!!!

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    Hi again everyone who responded already. -

    Choosing to quote my 1st. response to begin, because it is true re inflammation. - Okay 1st. in order to heal acute injuries, God created us with an 'inflammatory response' cascade of events (swelling+heat+redness: which can cause a bit of pain), iow this kind of healing inflammation is good... Incredible how well 🙂 God us created, to get right back to living fully. - This necessary inflammation is at the right end of the scale, from when it becomes chronic: that is why I said "Aging = starts with Inflammation primarily, causing Loss of info in the mitochondria, & caused further by Overeating, & too often nutritionally-Empty/toxic foods, etc., so the body ages... "

    Two leaders, 1 of whom is a Harvard geneticist-researcher/professor, who are teaching as many people as want... to return our age back closer to our Mitochondrial youth via also Hormesis. By definition, hormesis is a dose-response phenomenon characterized by low-dose stimulation & high-dose inhibition. Hormesis plus important Nutrients make Youthening possible.

    There are parts of https://www.wimhofmethod.com/ that I have experienced, & continue (but not via Icebaths). For example when doctors said I was dying of 1 damn diagnostic label or another; - yet Fully-committed to continue loving life I proved each of them wrong, by instead Allowing myself to heal... https://community.thegrownetwork.com/discussion/comment/852020#Comment_852020 . More fundamental to that unwavering commitment, were the skills of Tiny children https://community.thegrownetwork.com/discussion/comment/842803#Comment_842803 which God as well Blessed EACH of us with, & when we are wise we will not trade these skills in, for the arrogant foolishness of adulthood.

    Meet them: Wim Hof https://www.wimhofmethod.com/ too there's an excellent ! 44-min. video in which he explains himself (a twin) & this process & Benefits well, but that may include be a little to much swearing for you.

    And too David Sinclair (& his phenomenal 80 year young dad = https://lifespanbook.com/workouts/) David has been living & teaching the general public for years Can we stay young forever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEz1P4i1P7s Essentials: 1.Eat less, & Intermittent fasting - Aside which it saves $$, & makes emergency rations last longer. And live healthy longer.

    2.SIRtuins genes protect us so we can live healthy longer.

    3.Exercise: do what you love...Love what you do.

    4.Resveratrol (from red wine, etc), & Berberine are powerful Anti-inflammatory aids from plants, that when taken at 1 gram daily each can help you do amazing things

    More later, including testing....