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Equisetums: pros and cons of the Hyemale vs Arvense — The Grow Network Community
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Equisetums: pros and cons of the Hyemale vs Arvense

solarnoon.aspensolarnoon.aspen Posts: 219 ✭✭✭
edited November 2020 in Wild Edibles & Medicinals

I am having some difficulty finding out the health (pros and cons) differences between the Equisetums. I know that Hyemale is the preferred one at Grow Network - this I learned from the Alternatives to Dentistry lessons. However, I've been looking for Hyemale herb in my local health stores and 1. they don't always differentiate, just naming their herbs 'horsetail' and 2. when they do, it's Equisetum Arvense that they offer. When I look it up online Arvense seems to have similar MO to Hyemale. Can someone describe the differences?

I've also been trying to find a source for live Hyemale plants in Canada so I can grow my own, but have come up with a blank. I found what I thought was Hyemale growing near my home, however I really want to be sure I have the recommended one before I grow it and use it.


  • toreytorey Posts: 2,565 admin

    @solarnoon.aspen E-flora BC lists 10 species and 4 hybrid species that grow in BC. The only one that seems to have a warning on it is E. palustre or Marsh Horsetail. Following is a link to the Equisetums page. If you are harvesting your own, here are instructions for processing to reduce or eliminate the thiaminase which reduces your ability to absorb and process thiamine. (I must add here that I have never done this as I have never picked it for use internally or as a tooth powder) E. hyemale and E. laevigatum are easy to identify in comparison to the others as they are the only two that are not branched. You should have most species growing in your area. If you specifically wanted to harvest E. hyemale, I would look along sandy river banks. I have a huge colony growing near me on the Fraser, that seems to like being covered with spring runoff for at least a month or two every year. It grows well below the usual high water mark.


    Following is a link to the main search page that you might want to bookmark. It is a very easy search engine to use. Part way down the main page you will find a browse section where you can click on species, genus or families to do your search. You can click on each of the species to get more information and see the atlas page with a map showing locations.


  • solarnoon.aspensolarnoon.aspen Posts: 219 ✭✭✭

    Thank you torey. I will check out these links. Do you know anything about the difference in the two : arvense and hyemale regarding their medicinal qualities and useage?

  • toreytorey Posts: 2,565 admin

    @solarnoon.aspen They can be used interchangeably. Sorry, I should have said that in my last post.

  • solarnoon.aspensolarnoon.aspen Posts: 219 ✭✭✭


    Oh, that's great, since I can get some at our local store. Thanks for letting me know.

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