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Working at Home? Any Tips? — The Grow Network Community
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Working at Home? Any Tips?

AmyAmy Teacher at Gardens That MatterWestern North CarolinaPosts: 35 ✭✭✭

How many here are working at home from any regular employment jobs? How about how anyone in direct sales? What are some great tips for adjusting?


  • AmyAmy Teacher at Gardens That Matter Western North CarolinaPosts: 35 ✭✭✭

    I am starting work earlier than I used to and tried taking a shorter lunch so I could take off earlier in the afternoon. I found that it was not working out since my 10 year old's school closed due to the COVID-19.

    So, now my adjustment is work at home, different hours (which really isn't since I am not commuting now) and having a child hanging out. She is pretty good at entertaining herself and I have scheduled some school type activities until she received her school supplies and work, plus trying to take a walk on my break with her. I was having a short lunch which was not working out with her, nor me too, hah!

    This is the second week of her being home and she is starting to need more attention. I set up a desk in the room my desk is and that seems to help. It will be better once her school work gets here. Unfortunately, our school system is small and so it is a pick up drop off type of system, nothing online, yet anyway. And, our governor just announced today that schools will be closed through May 1st.

    Lots of adjustments for all of us. My husband is still at work but hopefully will get some time off soon. I told him that he will need to be the teacher then!

    Thanks for your input and advice and if any others want to chime in I am ready to hear your great ideas!

  • AmyAmy Teacher at Gardens That Matter Western North CarolinaPosts: 35 ✭✭✭
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