Nasturtiums & What Do You Do With Them?

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I planted nasturtiums last year and they keep popping up in my garden in other places.... the potted one is the original & I have 3 others that spontaneously popped up and bloom different colors... they are so beautiful and smell just like old fashioned roses! I was reading my new fire cider book from Rosemary Gladstar and I found a cider recipe with nasturtiums in it... so I put that in my 3 new batches! Can’t wait!!! What you you all use them for besides just putting them in salads?


  • Torey
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    I have never used nasturtiums medicinally but they do have medicinal properties. Diuretic. Anti-microbial. Antiseptic. Expectorant. So, useful for urinary tract infections and respiratory infections.

    But I do love eating them. Leaves & flowers. You can pickle the seeds; just like capers. I bet the leaves would spice up a pesto.

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    I make fresh goat cheese and serve it as an appetizer with a little dollop in the center of the nasturtium flower. It is so beautiful and delicious together. But remember to check for ants first! LOL

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    Makes great pesto.

  • Karin
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    My neighbour has nasturtiums always growing and keeps asking me if I want some. I haven't tried them in anything but a salad, so interested to hear how the fire cider with nasturtiums turns out!

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    I also use them for companion planting near squash and cucumbers to drive away pests.

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    @jodienancarrow the leaves or flowers or both for pesto?? Recipe plz!😀

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    As @Melissa Swartz mentioned, they are a great addition to your garden, in and amongst all of your plants.

    But the thing to remember is, most pollinators prefer the orange colored nasturtiums. After years of using the Jewel Mix I changed to the orange varieties last year and there really is a big visible difference. I had many more pollinators attending to my garden without me having to do anything else to attract them.

    So this year I purchased a bunch of orange varieties and just one pack of jewel mix for a spot of color in one certain place in my yard.

    Mother nature has her own set of wishes so I am happy to help her along with her wishes.

  • Karin
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    @greyfurball I didn't know that, so thanks for the info, I will tell my neighbour I only want her orange ones!

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    I have not had success with them in the past. This year I ordered from Baker Creek (the Tall Trailing Mix since it will be going by a trellis). I started them in pots indoors and they sprouted and went to 4 inch pots then the garden with no issues. The are looking pretty and I am so excited lol! I will have to try you'all's suggestions once they are bigger. 😁

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    I used leaves, great peppery taste. Same recipe for basil pesto, substitute nasturtium leaves for basil leaves. Or 1/2 of each if you have both.

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    @greyfurball thanks for the tip on orange being the best for companion planting! That’s is so helpful to know!

    I have not made pesto from nasturtium but will definitely try it this summer!!