C- Virus check in. What's happening, how you feeling, what you doing?

In Australia it's not quite lockdown but close to it. Essential services open( that seems a very broad term) most students are home, except kids of parents who work for essential services. 3 is a crowd, fines apply unless it's people from your household. Stay at home is the mantra, if you have to go out grocery shopping or doctors app, go straight there, practice social distancing, don't stop for a chat, get home. Flatten the curve.

For us, things haven't changed all that much. We're retired and where we live is out of town, surrounded by forest, neighbours not so close. Live out of the vegie garden and only grocery shop when necessary. We are getting a few more jobs done around the place. We still walk every morning on our property. We are so very fortunate and grateful to live here.

If you need a virtual hug, chat or just reassurance, then hook on to this discussion. Please keep safe, stay healthy and look after each other.



  • Torey
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    Much the same in my part of rural Canada. Looking forward to spring and being able to start gardening.

    Good to hear that you are safe for now. Your country has seen more than its share of hardship and uncertainty this past few months. Thanks for reaching out.

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    We have just been shut down as of Saturday night. There is a mandatory stay at home order for all non essential services. I work in our local grocery store - The only one we have. Unfortunately, many are not taking it seriously. One of my co-workers, a manager, is telling folks that it is just a cold or flu and if you drink hot drinks, water, coffee, tea etc. At least 80 degrees it will kill the virus. I still have a job and will continue working as long as I feel it is reasonably safe to do so. But it can be very difficult some days.

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    @vickeym it's hard to believe all the misinformation getting around. I hope you're able to practice social distancing, wash hands regularly and maybe wear a mask, more so for not touching your face, at your work. I can't believe how many times I touch my face without realising!

    I'm thinking about buying some hair scissors and clippers, nothing like a bad haircut to keep you at home! Stay safe.

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    Our county is pretty rural, but it is crowding in all around me. Been making food runs for my kids and parents so they can stay home. Wash my hands all the time now and rubber gloves. Glad I had a few boxes around because of all the woodworking projects I do. Worried about my parents and my baby grandchildren. Will help try to keep them safe as long as I am able and anyone else that needs help. Stay safe and keep us posted, curious as to how everyone is faring in other countries.

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    Here in central Texas it is pretty much the same - stay home, no school, only essential workers, virtual school, doctor visits etc. They did expand the drive through testing in Waco. The hospital system will not release the number that have been tested. Waco (mayor, I think) said to go for walks and visit the parks. They are not going to press it as hard right now as they initially said. I am well and at home. My youngest daughter (34) lives with me to help out. Her job is being a personal grocery shopper. Since neither of us are at high risk she is still doing it because she knows some of her customers are elderly or disabled and cannot go out (no family help either). There are new customers who are home because the whole household are at high risk and they are so appreciative. The stores are starting to have more stock but some items are still not in place. My daughter is very careful, with sanitizing out of the store, gloves in the store, more sanitizing, door drop at least 6 feet from the customer then more sanitizing. She is also wiping her phone and steering wheel down with alcohol wipes. So...that's where we are now. I saw this morning that they are predicting as many as 200,000 may die in the USA. But we are keeping a positive attitude and not letting fear rule our lives. I limit social media time or I can't do that lol. Hope everyone has a healthy and happy week!

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Much the same thing is happening here, with stay at home, no gatherings larger than 10 people (that will go down yet), essential businesses only, wash hands, etc. Protective shields are up at some store checkouts. One big box grocery chain has implemented 1 family member shopping per family...finally. Farmers are gearing up for their season, although the ground is not fully bare yet.

    We are rural and in our community, nobody visits with us anyway, so not much has changed there. We can go for walks without meeting anyone because nobody lives really close either.

    We aren't going into the city for sports, nor into another town for church services & youth group. I am not missing the city.

    My husband's work is connected to manufacturing farm equipment. He is not working in the manufacturing part though. The virus does affect some interactions, but it sounds like it is quite minimal due to the nature of what his specific job entails.

    Our kids are not super affected, but are enjoying more free online resources lately. My routine isn't really affected either, except that I feel a bit scatterbrained. I am concerned about my parents, who drove back from the west coast about a week ago. I'm also concerned for my late 80s inlaws too. I do also wonder how our oldest will do. She is still working at least.

    My sister is in Donguang, China. I have not heard from her since they opened some things back up, but haven't heard anything bad from family, so am assuming she is still okay.

    If this continues well into the summer, our second will be giving up volunteering for a month at 2 different camps, which will be very disappointing for her. She is looking forward to it. Our other kids were going to try a new camp.

    We will see how it all goes.

    Thanks for starting this thread @jodienancarrow

  • bcabrobin
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    West Central PA we are one of the counties with no cases yet, but all around us is bad. I have been off work for 3 weeks but my husband work is essential but they are down to 3 days to keep people apart.

    Our schools have posted they will be closed thru the end of this school year. Kids need to do project packs to get their grades.

    Only out to stores/Drs but most Dr offices are closed.

    I tried to buy enough animal food to get thru as we had no idea if feed stores would be open.

    We live rural so are prepared for storms/no power, so just restocked after winter. Had some trouble getting lamp oil and matches.

    Stay safe

  • JodieDownUnder
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    My parents live 30 mins away and are both either side of 80. Australian Govt have deemed anyone over 70 are vulnerable and should self isolate. Luckily my brother temporarily moved in 2 weeks ago, so he's doing the shopping and other jobs for them.Luckily he can work from home, so he's there for the long haul. I have hand sanitizer in the car and I try to remember to do my hands, steering wheel, door handle and gear shift every time.

    Our govt has just released unprecedented wage packages for employers, 80% subsidy to keep people employed. Doubled unemployment benefits, given senior citizens a one off stimulus $750, although that's a bit confusing as they are limited to how/where they can spend it. Last week over 1 million people lost their jobs and a lot of small business' closed, cafes', restaurants etc. The pressure has been on for the Prime Minister Scott Morrison to do something more quickly re employment subsidy but at least its in the process of getting done and back dated to the 1st March. Over 200 billion $ I believe. All our sporting events cancelled or postponed. Interestingly enough horse racing is still proceeding. I guess still a good money maker for the govt and with a lot of people at home online!!

    All borders closed, no international flights. Anyone who came home from overseas recently, have been taken to a hotel where they self isolate for 14 days. In the early days for this pandemic, the biggest spreader of the virus was unwitting international travellers.

    I do hope there will be a silver lining from all this mayhem. A good time to reflect on what changes we would like to see. More flexible work hrs, working from home, more family time, unemployed not living below the poverty line, eating better food, buying local, not depending on a couple of large manufacturing countries for supply. This is just the tip of the iceberg, what other changes would benefit our lives, communities, us. Your thoughts?

  • shllnzl
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    @jodienancarrow I agree with your silver lining ideas. This is a wake-up call to those who have been living a pampered life with no forward planning. People are being forced to develop some interpersonal skills and practical skills around the home. All of us will be forced to develop "strength of character" to weather all of this.

    That being said, I am a strong person but am tearful a lot lately. (It has been a bad year, what with three funerals and a pandemic.) I intend to get through all of this and have positive things to show for all this time at home.

  • SherryA
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    I've been home alone for almost 3 weeks. The first 2 weeks I was sick with what we assume was the flu. I had all the Covid symptoms but we don't have much of it here yet (officially) so we assume flu. I'm perfectly happy to be here alone, and very happy that I'm feeling better! Somebody said we're not STUCK at home, we're SAFE at home. That's how i feel.

  • MissPatricia
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    Life has not changed much, except for listening to church on FB and not going shopping in the stores. I feel more rested and am devoting myself to getting my house cleaned up and decluttered more since having our house renovated. I am also starting on yard and garden work. Am planting a bigger garden so am starting more plants inside from seed.

  • 7207chablis
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    I am happy to be at home with my husband and children. We save one hour drive everyday!

    In France you can’t go out if you don’t have a certificate attesting about what you are going to do. It is a matter of not forgetting! What is sad is that people near the sea can’t even go to the beach but it is better to respect everything and be done quickly with it.

    the most important is to keep a positive mind and not live in fear because it doesn’t help. It is a time to enjoy life differently.

  • sarah121
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    It's incredible to see this affecting the entire globe. At present I'm feeling quite lucky here in Cornwall as I still have access to the beach for my "one exercise session per day." However the last few days has seen the lock down in the UK get tighter. Police are at the store to check that folks are only buying essentials and not making repeat visits. Drones are also being used at local beauty spots to discourage people getting outside, so the presence of authority is visible. Tourists have been told to stay away from the area (there are a lot of second homes here and people are driving in from the cities to self isolate in comfort) as it is putting the strain on the one hospital we have within 30 miles. It all feels so surreal.

    On the other hand, the government has classified herbalists as an "essential service" so I am still able to dispense cough syrups and immune support through a window in the porch and also through the website. However, as most folks top priority now seems to be food and finances, the dispensary has been very quiet so far this week.

    Although I'm finding I have a lot of time to write and reflect on things, it is a worry how we are all going to move forward from this. I have reduced some prices for folks I know can't afford it, while at the same time trying to conserve my own finances now that my partner is out of work. All my workshops and classes have been cancelled, and so like most people, money is a worry. (I'd appreciate hearing from any other herbalists about how this may have affected their own practice and also what new ideas they are implementing to help keep the service accessible to those who need it.)

    For now I'm feeling very thankful that I still have an income of sorts and am still able to get outside. My thought are with you all who are really struggling at this time, and I hope that the forum is providing a good resources for learning and also remaining in touch. Be well all.

  • Torey
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    Good to hear from someone from the UK with what is going on! The only thing I have been aware of is a shutdown at Helios Pharmacy. Too overwhelmed with orders but I hear they will be reopening for orders at midnight April 1. Glad the UK government has sense when it comes to herbalists.

    Our local health food store is short on anything respiratory related but they are restocking as they can. Harmonic Arts which is a large online herbal pharmacy in my part of Canada has also temporarily closed due to shortages. I am still able to get herbs, preparations and remedies to people but very little illness here right now. Just some seasonal colds (at least that is what they are calling it). I do a lot of wildcrafting and foraging so we will have to wait and see how that will play out, if I am able to get out to all of my "secret" locations. Like you, I have had to cancel workshops and doubt I will be doing much in the way of plant walks until later in the summer at the earliest.

    So far the only equipment we are unable to access easily is masks. Gloves, goggles, shields are all still available.

  • SherryA
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    I've been home alone for about 3 weeks, but I've had some kind of flu (?) for most of that time. I have thought I was recovering for the last couple of days but today feels like a bit of a relapse. If I can just get well, I don't mind being home alone. I need to get some gardening done!

  • Melinda
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    I am near Atlanta, in the state of Georgia. We were just told last weekend to shut in, but since my mom lives with us and I’m high risk, we have been doing this for weeks. Thank goodness for what we had stocked.

    I have rearranged my kitchen, moved three raised beds into a new garden space, made tinctures, tilled the new garden space, repotted seedlings...so much done!

  • I am feeling a bunch of mixed feelings. I am trying hard to stay positive and focus on catching up on things at home. Getting back to my original goal of homesteading and being self sufficient. Decluttering and organizing, writing. I am reading a lot and want to spend more time writing on my blog. Hoping you all stay safe!

  • shllnzl
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    I am still get teary eyed for the simplest things.

    I have a theory about the wide range of C virus symptoms:

    You get pink eye if the virus enters through the eyes.

    You get diarrhea if virus enters through your mouth.

    You get runny nose if virus enters through nose.

    What do you think?

  • csinclair461
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    We are settling in to our new place, and I have some herb starts I grabbed on my last day at my house. We tend to be homebodies anyway, so the stay at home orders aren’t causing us any grief. I started wearing a mask when I shop, the info is still a bit conflicting about that, but it seems to be leaning toward a good idea. I am taking vit c and d3, but not getting enough sun/fresh air imo- going to work on that.

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    We had our first COVID-19 death a few days ago, a principal at a middle school. Then another middle school principal has tested positive. I think our count is about 50 now, and they expect the peak to hit here in a month. I'm home all the time but my daughter is still doing the personal grocery shopping for the shut-ins and for some neighbors and my other daughter. We had a scare on Tuesday, a guy came to work where my SIL works and he was sick. They said they would not test him because he only had 2 of the 3 symptoms - shortness of breath, fever, dry cough. It was kind of overwhelming as my SIL is at a higher risk anyway. But we found out yesterday that the guy supposedly does NOT have COVID so I hope that is right. The daughter who lives with me is trying desperately to keep her sister home because of the SIL's higher risk. She is now working from home but she has been go-go-go for a number of years and I think is going stir crazy lol. It can be challenging to not get overwhelmed...it causes inertia in me. It's been really rainy so I can't do much outside. I moved some of my baby plants outside a few days ago but it's hard to keep them from drowning. Still too small to put out because of the insane amount of snails here. No matter how many I kill in a day there seems to be no dent in the population. Anyway, I gave up and brought the plants back inside under the grow light. It is an older fluorescent set up and I'm not sure it's quite as bright as it needs to be but it's what I have. I may have to turn on the overhead lights to assist. Sorry for rambling 🙃

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @seeker.nancy How unsettling! Don't feel the need to apologize. We are here for you.

    Maybe someone has a solution for your snail infestation? That would make a great post under gardening, as I am sure there are others who have encountered this.

  • Leediafastje
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    The county I live in is rural also. Just before our state was put on "stay at home" orders, I drove to Seattle and picked up my daughter (newlyweds). They had placed themselves on voluntary issolation for 2 weeks prior to my being willing to pick them up. My second bedroom (which was a very full storage room) is now a make-shift bedroom. We've been sheltering on the farm for 2 weeks now and our governor announced yesterday that we will continue until May 3rd, when he will re-evaluate. In these uncertain times I feel fortunate to have grabed the children when I did. Since we're all grown, we're doing very well living as roommates. AND, there are now 4 sets of hands prepping for spring planting instead of 2 sets. Everyone please stay safe and healthy!

  • gardneto76
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    I had a feeling a shelter in place order was coming for us so I talked to my daughter, who was along in another state. She decided to come home and shelter in with us since her had closed. She stayed for almost 3 weeks when she was told her boyfriend was coming back from his deployment, so she decided to go back. Where she lives was given the order the day after she arrived. She made sure to have all her documentation to show why she was traveling and thankfully had no issues. Two days after she left we were advised to shelter in place with limited non-essential travel. All restaurants were ordered to only do takeout, all bars are closed, all nail & hair salons close after today. I am still working my normal schedule as many businesses are still labeled as essential.

  • Melissa Swartz
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    I have worked from home for over a year, so sheltering in place is not a huge step. At this point, I still have work but as a self employed consultant I don't know how long it will keep up. I will be planting more food in my garden this year, compared to other years. Have apple and pear trees that were planted previously and now producing. I wouldn't mind a little time off to concentrate more on the gardening, but at this point am grateful to have any work I can get. The long term implications of this pandemic for the economy are very worrisome.

  • dimck421
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    My life changed very little. I live in a very rural area and already stay close to home. Getting plant beds ready. Praying for others. The virus may keep us physically apart, but prayer always brings us close together.

  • Merin Porter
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    @seeker.nancy, I wonder if any of the methods David the Good mentions here (https://thegrownetwork.com/kill-garden-slugs-organically/) for slug control would work for snails? I haven't really had to deal with them much where I am, so I'm not sure, but wonder if anyone else might know?

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    Thank you @Merin Porter . I will check that out!

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    I just read that piece by David the Good. I have tried the beer but maybe snails are more judicious with their drinking habits lol. I have not tried the lumbar trick so I will do that. As is I have "snail hunts" morning and evening and mostly just squish them after I pick them off the plants. That means stepping on them if their shell is soft or using my metal trowel to slam/bang them. That is not for faint of heart. One also has to beware the splash zone when killing them as I do NOT like being sprayed with said snail...whatever 😫

  • Grammyprepper
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    Life under 'shelter in place' hasn't changed much for me. I am considered 'essential'...imagine that, a deli worker at the local grocrery being deemed 'essential' LOL! But I am grateful to still be able to work. DH is out of work but eligible for unemployment, thankfully. But having to be home with him 24/7 would drive me nuts, LOL! The weather has been crazy, /I had to bring my peas and lettuce indoors because of a week of freezing temps. I wasn't comfortable even leaving them in my little greehhouse. Have a ton of other seeds started (some a little too soon). I am worried about potential disruptions in the food supply. The news of farmers 'dumping' milk, eggs, and looking at euthanizing livestock coupled with the shutdown of meat processing plants is very telling.

    I hope everyone is staying safe and sane in these unusual times.