Adventures in High Performance Gardening 12 - Bugs in the Organic Garden & How to Stop Them!

Marjory Wildcraft
Marjory Wildcraft Posts: 1,617 admin

Hi again! Marjory and Lynn here in our Adventures in High Performance Gardening series. In this video, we share our "weed jar" level and discover extra protein wandering around the beds! Lynn really drops a lot of knowledge here, as usual.

And as we wait one more week to plant our warm weather crops, our harvest is providing veggies for days once again. Round of applause for Lynn rocking the lucky golden boots! Wish we could add these to the store too... (:

Our forager bag makes its debut - you guys really need to pick one up from the store, they work for everything! Obviously gardening style helps you produce awesome food. LOL

Let us know what you think about our progress down below!