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Guess who showed up just in time. — The Grow Network Community
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Guess who showed up just in time.

blevinandwombablevinandwomba Central PaPosts: 725 ✭✭✭✭

I've had several "first" in the last few days- I saw my first tiger swallowtail of the year( as well as a few other butterflies I can't remember the name of offhand) , my first spring rose bloomed today(Duchess d'angouleme!), and I swatted off my first mosquito tonight.

Perhaps 15 minutes after my encounter with the mosquito, I saw my first bat of the spring. Pretty good timing, I think.


  • kbmbillups1kbmbillups1 Posts: 499 ✭✭✭✭

    @blevinandwomba Love your firsts. I saw my first stink bug today. It almost flew right in my face. I didn't know what it was b/c it was so big. Thought it might be one of those kissing bugs they show on the news that gives you some virus. I swatted at it and it landed in my oregano so I went to check it out. HUGE stink bug. Caught it in a plastic baggie. Too early in the year for those things!!

    I did have my first hummingbird fly past me heading to the feeder. That was pretty cool!

  • dimck421dimck421 Posts: 205 ✭✭✭

    I am hearing, "Bob White!", lacing the humid air. Due to heavy logging in our area, the happy sound nearly abandoned us. In yesteryear, it was a prevalent sound, but the little birds, I fear, dropped greatly in numbers. I hope they return with great vigor!

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