Tutorial: Adding Tags to a New Discussion

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I am posting this tutorial to give members instruction on how to include tags in a new discussion post.

Tags are meant to help find a particular discussion more readily when a search is performed.

1. Just below the box where you type the post of a new discussion, there is a box that says "Tags" above it. Type a specific word that reflects the content of your post in there, for example, if your post is about a particular grass & its medicinal use "quack grass", "grass", "medicinal", "medicine" would work well. Each term needs to be put in separately (see #2). It is good to use a key word that is in your post or title. I have learned that up to 5 terms seems to be optimal.

2. After typing one term, click just above the box, and you will notice that inside the box will be your term surrounded by a bubble of sorts, with a little "x" with it. The "x" is how you can delete that tag if it isnt a word that you want to keep.

These will show near the bottom of the initial discussion post.

3. Hashtags (#) are not necessary to post an effective tag on the TGN forum.

Again, tags are meant to assist a search. If someone is looking for something and they want a specific term to appear in posts searched for, the posts tagged with that term will appear in their results.



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