Jacques Pepin Essential Techniques video

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I have this book, and it is excellent. Pepin is a true hero of mine! Someone has posted his "how to" videos that come with the book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CshkecuFfMc


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    Thank you for posting this! We are huge fans of Jacques Pepin!

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    He is awesome, isn't he? He reminds me a whole lot of my French great-grandfather... who was a farmer who cured his own hams, bacon and sausage... and was a very talented artist. Man, could he draw! He planned on becoming a fashion designer before WW1 , but his job in the war was to accompany bodies home to the families, and it changed him. He left NY, went home to NC, married a lady "from the wrong side of the tracks"... her father was an outlaw/gunfighter/gambler, and became a simple, quiet, saintly farmer, raised a large family ... and faked deafness because my great-grandmother was a pistol!

    But as for Jacques Pepin... some years ago I was a food blogger and part of a group of folks who write for some of the big magazines and make tv shows. Several were French and a couple of them had that "attitude". One said, "Pepin is not regarded in Paris... we still study Escoffier." I replied, that he does classical cuisine in a way that makes the techniques very accessible... I think my exact words were "He is a good teacher because he makes the complex simple. I sent them some videos like this and wow, were they impressed! Seriously, immediate converts and fans. They were blown away that he covered the basics in such detail that the hard stuff became easy.

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    This brings back so many memories as once my father retired he enjoyed watching Jacques--although the earlier version who hadn't made the transition to healthier cooking. I love that he is so knowledgable and is using all that knowledge and talent on healthier cooking.