I have mastered the sandwich

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I have perfected the sandwich. Focaccia bread, sliced for sandwiches, cheese (swiss, provolone, cheddar... whatever), a mix of deli meats (salami, pepperoni, turkey, ham), sliced dill pickle, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, mustard vinaigrette, black pepper... that is all... a brush with olive oil (or butter), into the panini press (old George Forman grill). It is done. I have mastered it. A close runner up is ham and swiss with sauerkraut and mustard...


"Italy is known for tomatoes. Thailand for chilies. Germany for sauerkraut. But tomatoes originated in Peru. Thailand imported chilies from Central America. Sauerkraut started in China. Everything is a remix—and the world is better for it. Share what you know. Learn from others."

-Marjory Wildcraft