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Growing pole beans — The Grow Network Community
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Growing pole beans

tjjonesclarktjjonesclark South CarolinaPosts: 4 ✭✭✭

What is the best way to arrange poles in the garden for growing green beans (pole beans)?

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  • tjjonesclarktjjonesclark South CarolinaPosts: 4 ✭✭✭

    Thank you! We bought metal fencing posts as a stabilizing center and wooden slats to secure as a three legged “teepee” to the top of the center post. I’m planning to plant 3 pole bean plants at the base at each slat and hope they entwine as they grow to the apex of the “tepee”. I see what your thoughts were. I’d love to know how the mote stable cattle panels work! Keep in touch please! ♥️

  • tjjonesclarktjjonesclark South CarolinaPosts: 4 ✭✭✭

    Thank you @Dani ! I love your idea! I can see how versatile these techniques could be. SO glad i asked! What a great group ♥️

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