Experiment in creating Homeopathy for Livestock.

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I have investigated and used many types of natural herbal based remedies for caring and prevention for my rabbits, goats, and chickens. But, it becomes expensive, hard work (if you grow your own), and extensive. So, with a background in energy medicine I am tempted to just work on them that way. However, the time and energy needed for this is profound and I have contemplated something much more effective. Homeopathy...

I have a basis of understanding when it comes to how to make a homeopathic remedy. But the method I learned of, used a "mother" much like a scoby for kombucha. But, the mother origion is unknown.

Call me crazy! But thorough the process of making a wild sourdough start, I feel I could quite easily make my own homeopathic mothers for specific health related livestock malady.

I feel sure I could do it, but I am also wanting to build on the banks of those who came before me.

Has anyone done this successfully or looking into the process themselves, who would be willing to collaborate or share ideas?

Looking to get curious!