Dairy Sheep Anyone?

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As my family and I work towards more sustainability, I wanted a source of dairy. Today I drive 50+ miles every other week to purchase raw A2A2 cow's milk from a dairy farmer I've come to know well. We only have 2 acres total and one full acre of pasture (although some of the other land could be accessed). So I looked into mini cows but they tend to be expensive if you want A2A2 mini jerseys. Also my husband was convinced even 'mini' cows would need more pasture than we have.

Most people would turn to goats but frankly I don't like the funky after taste. I've tried it many times raw from farmers who swear I would not be able to taste the difference but even these more mild versions leave me with a yucky after taste. I must be sensitive to some chemical I guess.

So about 6 months ago or so I stumbled onto an article where a family blind taste tested cow, goat and sheep's milk. Every family member picked sheep's milk at the best tasting. Intrigued, I looked into this further and found that others have commented the same thing. Sheeps milk has the better fat structure that goat's milk has but is sweeter tasting than cow's milk. It has more fat, more protein and more carbs per oz. It's the higher percentage of solids that makes it good for cheese making. Why the milk is not more available, I don't know.

I'm presently talking to several shepards about acquiring dairy sheep. I hope to have two pregnant ewes later this fall and will start to milk them when they lamb. I have visited a dairy sheep farm, have The Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep book and am reading everything I can find. But there is nothing like having someone in a forum who's a bit more accessible than my shepard contacts (who tend to be busy with over 100 head of sheep at any time). So anyone here raising dairy sheep or for that matter any kind of sheep?

P.S. I am a member of several sheep groups on Facebook so I'm good that way. Just wondered if anyone here is raising or interested in sheep.