New favorite ingredient: mushroom dark soy sauce

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Soy sauce is usually a condiment, but dark mushroom soy sauce is more of an ingredient. It is kind of like Kitchen Bouquet... if you've ever cooked in a diner, you know what I'm talking about! A dash of that gives a nice, rich, browned flavor to most anything.... makes a quick cooked on the line dish taste like something someone really took some care to prepare. I've been tossing a bit in most things just to see how it pairs. It is amazing how it doesn't give a dish a strong soy sauce taste... it is just like the right bass notes. A relative made some thin, kind of bland chili... a spoon full of dark mushroom soy sauce, some dried and fresh pepper, cilantro and cumin, and it was contest quality! This soy sauce LOVES cabbage and onions - a few dashes in coleslaw, cooked with pork fat or with sauerkraut and onion on a hot dog... wow! A few drops in gravy over mashed potatoes, awesome! A dash with any browned meat is like instant rich gravy, and it actually goes well with mustard and worchestershire.... if I still ate spam, I imagine it would be pretty incredible with some green onions and rice. Also excellent on fish!


Dark Soy sauces also come in a mushroom flavor (mó gū lǎo chōu, 蘑菇老抽), which adds a higher level of naturally occurring glutamate or umami to your dish. We favor this type over the plain dark soy sauce, but if you can’t or don’t like to eat mushrooms, just go for the tried and true dark soy sauce.

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