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I need some help coming up with some creative kombucha flavoring combos. Any and all ideas are welcome!


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    This is one of several blog posts that I've seen:

  • Whatever you have that is fresh and in your house. It is hard to mess up Kombucha. One thing I have learned from experience is to limit the fruit or other additives for the "second ferment" to less that 20% of the total volume.

    Also, sometimes I am busy and I "cheat" by not adding fruit, but store-bought fruit juice to the kombucha. It still turns out great.

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    I was recently given a bottle of cranberry juice concentrate, I used it in the second fermentation, straight undiluted. It was very good.

    Sometimes when I have an abundance of overripe fruit, I put whatever is available through the juicer and store in the freezer in small containers. One container goes into the kombucha, it makes for interesting, can’t be duplicated, flavors. Those little juice cups also make great icees for the kids.

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    @RustBeltCowgirl Kombucha is very forgiving with experimentation. Thank you for the link. I have tried different things in my second ferment but always seem to go back to just my basic kombucha which my daughter called carbonated vinegar! Yes, it is very sour.

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    blood orange juice, cranberry orange, pineapple orange, raspberry, blackberry, tart cherry, pomegranate, and I also add some ginger coins or shavings, kiwi juice mixed with some of the other juices, and juices of your choice.. and when I am not sure re a new idea then i try a small amount of booch with the new juices and or fruit I want to try...

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    My favorite right now is soursop and lychee. I've been making peach, nectarine, and dragon fruit as well.

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    We started adding a bit of our low-sugar homemade jam to our Kombucha. The fruit and touch of sugar supported the secondary fermentation and allowed us to use our stores. Nothing like peach Kombucha in December.

    We also use the Trader Joe's Ginger Brew jars as our fermentation bottle. Buying these filled, drinking up the ginger brew, and reusing for Kombucha is actually cheaper than buying the jars new!

    Some of our favorite flavors: strawberry rhubarb, roasted apricot, peach, mulberry (delicious!), and black currant, quince.

    One you explore everyones suggestions, I hope you share back your favorite.

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    I add fresh ginger root slices or dried hibiscus sometimes.

    I don't do second ferments with fruit or juice (because it raises the alcohol level) but I sometimes mix with juice right before drinking. Watermelon juice, drained from cut-up watermelon, is excellent with kombucha. My favorite summer punch is 1 part kombucha, 1 part watermelon juice, and 1 part grapefruit sparkling water (like grapefruit Perrier or LaCroix).

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    Some fun ones I've done recently: hibiscus rose, hibiscus tulsi, coffee mint, elderberry, elderflower lemon, cranberry lemon, lavender lemon, pineapple coconut really the sky's the limit. If I'm using something for the second ferment that doesn't contain natural sugars I add approx 1/2 t sugar per 16 ounce bottle.

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    I like Concord grape juice and chia seeds, pineapple juice with coconut extract (Pina colada!), and I recently tried chamomile with black cherry - soooo delicious! Recreating the GT's Unity edition, I did the second ferment with cherry juice, harmless harvest coconut water, and lemongrass EO. AMAZING! Blueberry ginger is a favorite/classic. Has anyone tried using butterfly pea flower for the health benefits and beautiful purple & blue hues? It's lovely.

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    Great suggestions! I can't wait to try eat watermelon juice in ours.

    We have a lot of elderberries. so I make a thin elderberry syrup with honey instead of sugar, then I add some of that to the kombucha during the second fermentation. I also add a little bit of sugar. Just to help with the carbonation. We also recently got a hydrometer... to test the alcohol levels. Because I make a soft kombucha for the kids in a hard kombucha for the adults.

    I've just recently started keeping a kombucha notebook and measuring exact amounts of juice and sugar during the second fermentation so that I can adjust the carbonation levels based on previous readings.

    Sometimes I cheat and add blueberry juice that I bought. It's really good though. ☺️

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    My standard is pomegranate juice and ginger and my dad loves persimmon and honey. I’m experimenting with elderflower and honey. Lemon and cayenne plus black peppers is wonderful, especially in cold and flue season.

  • All of these flavoring and sweetener tips are great, and will give good results for a few generations, but here is an important warning I've learned in my years of making kombucha:

    The SCOBY colonies feed on black tea and white sugar, and you must periodically return to these fuel sources every few cycles, or your product will start producing strange, unpalatable flavors.

    It's fine to use honey, or green tea, or to experiment with many things, but black tea and white sugar are what the yeasts eat, and if you don't feed them that at a minimum every third or fourth brew, they get unhappy, and that will make you unhappy.

  • I use slices of fresh ginger and fresh tumeric, or ginger and cardamum when I bottle the kombucha. The spices stay in the bottle for several refills.

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    I almost always do a second ferment with my kombucha. When I first started I would only use fruit juice, either pineapple or mango or a mixture of the two. Now I experiment with many flavors. My favorite is purple basil. It turns a beautiful purplish-red color and tastes wonderful. I've also used lavendar flower and lemon rind; cucumber, lemon and mint (which was good for a week or two and then turned very strong and was unappetizing); apple and purple basil; earl grey which was delicious; and whatever I have available in the house at the time. I hope to try beet and rosemary soon.

    It's great hearing everyone's experiences with kombucha! I love trying new flavors and will be incorporating some of these flavors in upcoming brews!

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    Well my husband just told me he made a drink he called the Lawbreaker

    1/3 Homemade Kombucha

    1/3 Homemade Honey Mead

    1/3 Water and ice

    and a splash of tequila


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    I use homemade jams for flavoring and always add a small chunk of ginger for the second ferment. Blackberry, fig and muscadine have been me favorites to use. My jams generally have more fruit and less sugar than store bought.

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    These are great ideas! Thank you!

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    My favorite is simply garden mint and kombucha. If you dont have garden mint, yogi tea makes an especially good mint. I ferment the kombucha with the mint tea. And i also make it with earl grey, ceylon tea. Any herbal or black teas. Also really good with runi tea

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    like blevinandwomba , I add juices just before drinking. It is so much less complicated and tastes great. I can make juices from locally grown fruits, so, apple, grapes, pears, etc. My fav is grape juice.

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    Juice your watermelon rinds and add honey. Then use that for your second ferment.