Do you get happy when you shop for food at a local coop or small organic grocery store?

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These days shopping for food can be stressful, but I just left my local organic grocery store after spending an hour slowly going up and down the aisles looking at all the better choices that you rarely see in the regular supermarket, unless you really search. I felt so good supporting all of these small business people who bucked big business and ventured on their own to make healthier foods or grow foods without pesticides to create a better world. Even though I had a mask on, I kept a smile on my face the whole time. The employees were polite, the store aisles were not too crowded and the people who were there looked and acted like they cared. I love putting my money where my mouth is. It made me feel connected to other people with heart. X0X0 Namaste, Andrea


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    I love small local shopping! I am super excited that all the farmer’s markets will be starting up again soon as we cool down. Hopefully we will be under 100* soon. It always smells so good there with all the produce and freshly cooked foods.

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    I certainly get happy when I see the good items that are possible when put forth by non-mega corporations and local folks who take great pride in their produce.

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    An organic farm local to me has a small food store. They normally get steady but not constant business. This spring/early summer they were constantly selling out. Covid-19 drummed up a lot of business for them. It was nice to see a positive side to all of this.

    In answer to your question, yes, I certainly do enjoy shopping there.

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    I know exactly how you feel! That’s the feeling of a connected thoughtful living. It does become sadder to shop the conventional grocery store chains. Harder still to do conventional stores disguised as Co-ops. I’m in Texas and am blessed with a fantastic grocery store chain that, albeit, conventional in most accounts, they are big into community service & selling locally produced foods/ products.

    my biggest shopping high comes from going to farmers markets. I just love farmers. Note THAT is an experience one can’t help smiling through. Can’t wait for The COVID Crazy to be over so we can go back to shaking hands with all those heroes keeping us fed sustainably

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    I keep longing for neighborhood markets to shop on a daily basis like in European countries. It was so wonderful in Germany to walk the streets every morning with the smell and sounds and happy people, shopping for today's dinner! It took some getting used to the miniature size fridges they have! But much healthier way of living, eating fresh every day!

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    I get the same feeling at the farmer's market. I really enjoy getting to know the organic farmers. Unfortunately, the farmer's market I went to had to close during lockdown and has not been able to re-open yet. I really miss it.

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    It is so refreshing to go to the open-air farmer's markets. Here is a hope, that we can all return to them without restriction soon.

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    We have quite a few organic farmers in our area, and many of them sell through CSAs, co-ops, or farm stands. Just got one of the better cantaloupes of my life from a farmer down the street. It's great to get to know and support the people who are growing food in this area ... and honestly, the produce generally tastes a whole lot better, too.

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    For me when they are open in Calif not much is yet, it is Farmers Markets and even roadside stands I find some of the most amazing produce and plants at them.

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    We have a little whole foods co-op close to where we live. I love being in there honestly. I love the variety and choice and real food that hasn't been covered in pesticides or genetically modified. The whole place smells wonderful. A mix of fresh coffee, herbs, fresh baked goods and natural candles and body products. I love standing at the checkout browsing through herbal magazines. It's a great experience.

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    Yes, I know the feeling! I can spend hours in our natural/organic foods store (The Mustard Seed), just checking out the healthier options in each aisle... enjoying the positive energy and warmth from the like-minded people around me. I don't feel the usual rush and stress of the big box grocery stores. The smell is always wonderful too!

  • Tave
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    That is awesome. It's the same in most of South America. You pick up produce in the morning or on your way home for lunch and prepare it fresh. So good.

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    I love going to the farmer's markets. Every town in the area has a different day each week, so you can hit them when in that area, you just have to know day/times. Each markets is so different and you never know what you will see. There are also farm stands in most areas you just need to know where to look for them as many are out of the way/back roads.

    The produce just tastes so good!

    I will willing give someone money to raise the things I can't/don't have time to. To me every penny I give them is well worth the price. I'll give my money to the local farmers and not the big box store, any day. I like know where my food comes from!

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    I so agree @bcabrobin . I have a local sprout lady who is hard working, uses organic techniques and I find her weekly at the Farmer's Market . I was having trouble getting mine to grow properly.

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    @Tave where is South America are you? My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter live in Curitiba, Brazil.

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    I love the farmers market when they are open in out area. We don;t have a year round one yet.

    Besides the healthy fresh food you share stories and tips. Its a wonderful way to start a day

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    I wish we had an organic farmer or store near us! The closest we have is 1 1/2 hours one way. We grow and preserve as much as possible, but there are still many things I get from the store. I'm only able to make that trip 3-4 times a year.

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  • John
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    There's a great place in my town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Just Local Foods! Great place and on my list. :)