Oregon fires burning underground, extremely dangerous..see it to believe it..

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Could this have happened by trees burning through to inside and then down to the roots under ground?


  • I think that is one of the ways this happens. I remember a few years back when there were horrific fires (Australia maybe?) and it burned for a year or more. It may have been underground coal veins (I really miss my mind lol). I googled and here is a link:

    I'm sure the root fires in Oregon now won't go on nearly as long. I really feel for the people who have lost their homes and cannot even go back to see what is left without risking their life.

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    @seeker.nancy - Central Texas I had not thought of coal veins. But it occured to me that maybe this was one cause of so many places experiencing the caving in of the ground..one with a man in bed when it happened..and it killed him. Thanks for the link..

    @monica197 That was my thought too. I had no idea...

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    Root fires can be hard to put out, depending on the terrain, cause you have to trace each root that the tree has, to make sure none of it is on fire or smouldering. Its called cold trailing. Its a hot, dirty, tedious, back-breaking job. Hats off to all the wildland firefighters who spend much of their time with a heavy water tank on their backs and a pulaski in one hand and a shovel in the other. Some trees have extensive root systems. Thermal imaging cameras are a big help but expensive equipment for a volunteer fire department to afford.

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    My husband worked as a forester and went on many forest fires. He definitely knows about how dangerous root fires are.

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    @silvertipgrizz Thank you for bring this to everyone. I know the same thing is true in Lane County. They have not specifically shown this type of news but I was aware of it happening while they were showing pictures of the crews and the trees burning.

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    I saw a video recently of a tree that inside the knothole was a roaring fire. It was consuming the tree from the inside out. Underground fires are a terrifying thought. Not too far from where I live is Centralia Pa. Almost 40 years ago they had a fire that spread to underground mines and caught the coal veins. It's still burning decades later. The place had to be abandoned. I feel sorry for these poor folks who have lost their homes and livelihoods. I can't even begin to imagine what they face. I pray they can find a way to get all those fires safely put out. What a tragedy.

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    Wow very scary and dangerous, thanks @silvertipgrizz for providing this information.

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    What is the situation now in the USA? Still major fires?

    Stay safe everyone.

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    In California we are having the worse fire season ever and we are still have very hot dry weather, hopefully we will cool down the end of the week. It has been reported on the news that over 4 million acres have burned so far.

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    I hadn't thought about coal veins catching fire, but there is a burning crater in Russia where natural gas was accidently ignited (I think in the 80's) and it has been burning for decades and they have no way of putting it out. I hope everyone stays safe!

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    This is INSANE! My goodness. Praying for the West coast continually.

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    The good news is some of the fires are in the 90 percentile of containment (the cool weather has really helped), the bad news is there are some new ones and it is going to get hot again starting Monday.

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    Creepy! Reminds me of that movie Silent Hill.