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I spent the afternoon trying to find the owner of a huge German Shepherd. It was a great dog and I would have liked to keep him, but the owner finally showed up. I was just sitting here, quietly reading, when I heard a noise at the door.... I opened it and the dog tried to come in the house! I don't know why he thought he belonged here. So, we walked all over the neighborhood trying to find where he belonged until he got thirsty. Finally, we just sat out front. I brought him some food and water... trying to figure out how he could get along in the same house with my dog. I called the local police to find out if anyone had reported a missing dog, but they said not.  Thank goodness his owner showed up. My little border collie gets very jealous and would have tried to fight him... and that would not have ended well. The kid he belonged to was beside himself, he was so worried. He said his name was Moose - not surprising; HUGE dog! He said he had knocked down down the fence and broken out of the yard. Great dog, obviously used to being inside, in the air conditioning and a beloved pet. He had good hunting instincts, as I discovered when we found a dead squirrel - I never thought of a shepherd as a hunter, but I'd sure like to have a dog like that with me in the woods.... a good 150 lbs of pure muscle and speed, smart, obedient... good dog. Now, time for a glass or 3 of wine and some clam chowder - I had just steamed open my clams before everything went crazy around here!


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    I am glad you showed kindness to the animal.

    Awhile back, it was a huge male Great Dane in my yard sniffing noses with my chihuahua. He was very calm and well behaved with no collar. However, I could not chance him in my house with my cats. My friend agreed to let me put him in her fenced back yard while I called Animal Control to see if someone had reported him lost.

    On the way across the street I noticed several things: he walked on my leash without pulling despite his size and weight; he had not been neutered; and his fur and looks indicated a valuable pedigreed animal who had been well cared for.

    Animal Control had seen the dog before and knew where he lived. My guess is he was just moving into the neighborhood and wanted to explore his new neighborhood. I have not seen the dog since.

    I am glad the dog had a home because I wouldn't have been satisfied with him being put into a shelter. I would have put in the effort to ensure that he got a good home. It would have taken a while to find someone willing to take in an animal big enough to equal two of my German Shepherd.

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    What fun! It sounds like a dog that i would love to have. I'm glad that you were able to find the owner. It is so devastating to be separated from a pet.

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    I have to admit, when I was feeding him... and he stuck his head in the dogfood bag and ate 5 lbs or so in one gulp... I did think, "This could be an expensive dog to feed!" I'd have kept him though, if no one claimed him. He reminded me of John Wayne's dog in True Grit (the real film, not the remake). When we walked, he would run ahead, then hang back... never walking side by side... on patrol and working. When I'd stop, he'd run up to me to see what was going on. That is a darn good wilderness dog. But, he also likes air conditioning, so he's a little spoiled. The kid obviously was attached to him. Hopefully, his family will find a good balance; he needs a lot more exercise. When I was 12 or so, my neighbor had a great dane that basically adopted me. Every time I'd go into the woods , he was by my side - very good dog! Irish wolfhounds seem to have similar instincts. I was an only child, way out in the country, so my friends were always dogs when I was a kid. Me and the dogs, just wandering and having adventures. Good memories.

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    Nice visitor to have.

    We had a visitor at work today. One of my co-workers found a snake at the steps leading to our door. With the help of a stick and and an empty cheeseball jar, I was able to release him to a much more remote part of the property. He was just a little garter snake- really cute in a reptilian kind of way. I really wanted to bring it in and show it to our school-agers, but I didn't want to upset my co-workers.

    One slithered onto the playground just a few weeks ago. We don't usually see snakes around here, so I'm wondering if something in weather is bringing them out. We've had a very warm, dry fall.

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    Wow, sounds like a nice dog, I love big dogs!